How to Download New Agent Software for Oracle Cloud Control 12c

Today, one of my blog reader asked how we can add new agent software to Oracle Cloud Control. He says he installed Cloud Control on a Linux server and now he wants to deploy cloud control agents to Solaris Servers. Adding new agents can be done by self update feature of Cloud Control. Click “setup”, and then extensibility and click to Self Update:

Click to “the Agent software” link in the new screen, you’ll see all available updates for agent software. It includes the agent software you haven’t installed. Choose the one you want to download and click download to create a background job to download the agent (you can schedule it to run immediately or a later time).

You can follow the download process:

After it’s downloaded, click “apply” button:

So it’s ready to be deployed.

Important: You should set “My Oracle Support” credentials” and “Software Library” to be able to use “self-update” feature.

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  1. suresh

    Indeed info provided. Do we have separate agent software available for 12c . Some security reason ssh/sudo is not enable between host. In this case we can not deploy agent from oem12c to other host. we need separately agent software linux_86_64 for agent installation. I explored all the possibilites but not succeeded.

    I tried silent installation but getting checkdirpermisson.

    Please suggest.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Suresh, I’ll write a blog post about how to deploy agents in silent mode soon.

  2. Christof Prettner

    Is there a possibility to implement new platform specific agents in the Cloud Control without using Selfupdate … meaining is there a possibilty to download the Agent software manually out of the Cloud Control ?

  3. Satish

    Hi Gokhan,

    first of all thank you for sharing very useful information.. in my case, I have installed the Grid control on OEL now i want to add AIX target so i am trying to add the AIX agent software but seems my Self Update is not enabled its in redmark, How to enable the seftupdate.. please give some idea on this..

    Tanks & Regards,
    Satish Kumar Sadhu

  4. Satish

    Hi Gokhan,

    I have provided The OMS Shared Filesystem location, Now Self Update is enabled. but I am unable to see the available software details, I am able to see only applied software details.. what could be the reason..

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish Kumar Sadhu

  5. Satish

    yappiii!!!! got it, I have clicked on check updates butten and refreshed the screen 🙂

  6. Shaun

    HI There

    Need some help again i am installing the new agent12r2 everything goes fine with the install agent show as up but when i go in EM i get this any help please.

    unable to connect to http server at https://:3872/emd/main/. [peer not authenticated]

    • Gokhan Atil

      Shaun, how do you install the new agent (which method)? I don’t see the hostname of the server. Does it really try to connect to an invalid URL or did you masked it?

  7. Elektra

    Hi Gokhan,
    I’m trying to deploy AGENT12c on HP-UX Itanium machine but when i check agent updates i realised that the agent is available only for Linux platform.
    How can i proceed?

    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Elektra

      As I know EM12c supports HP-UX Itanium. If you don’t see agents for HP-UX, you may need to download it. Please check my related post



  8. Lukas Menne


    I have the Self Update screen open, but the “Check Updates” button is ‘grayed’ out and I cannot click on it. Do you know if I am missing a management pack or what else would cause this issue? I am trying to download the SQL Server agent, but all I see when I open then Agent Software link is the linux agent software I have already installed.



  9. oem12c Agent is installed successfully and able to communicate to oms but oms is complaining …
    https://::3872/emd/main/. [peer not authenticated]

    no firewal rules place tried install and install same scenerio ..

    Even targets.xml only contains token for agent ..
    Any .. advise ..

  10. Dave Ryan

    I continue to get the following error when trying to deploy and agent from Windows Server 2012. Any suggestions?

    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:Inside getModelDeploySessionVo
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:JNDIStatusManager.getJNDIState entry
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:@@@@@found js for session id : 2014-06-22_10-02-14-AM
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-05-31:INFO:ERR:zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied



    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Dave, it seems the installation user has no permission to write to the folder.

    • vlado

      I obtain the same error “ERR:zip warning: Permission denied”. But I don’t understand who is this user. Can you help?


    • vlado

      this is the answer: Doc EM 12c R4: Installing / Deploying An Agent from a Windows OMS fails when the OMS ORACLE_HOME is not installed on the ‘C:’ drive (Doc ID 1681463.1)

      On the OMS machine, take a backup-copy of the file $OMS_HOME\oui\prov\resources\ Open the file, change the section:




      Make sure that the drive that is given for ‘SCRATCHPATH’ matches the drive where the OMS Home is installed. In this example, the OMS is installed on the E drive.

    • Morten E. Lund

      Thank you, thank you. I have worked more or less a whole day now to find out why I could’nt deploy an agent via Cloud Control My OMS home was not on the C-drive 🙁

      Thanks again

    • Trowa


      I have the same problem. EM12c the server was windows 2008 r2 enterprise. and my database server is Solaris 10 sparc

    • Trowa

      this worked for me!

      On the OMS machine, take a backup copy of the file-$ OMS_HOME \ oui \ prov \ resources \ Open the file, change the section:

      SCRATCHPATH = C :/ tmpada


      SCRATCHPATH = E :/ tmpada
      (where you have the installation EM12C

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