Deploying Management Agent Using agentDeploy Script

In case, your target systems have no support for SSH, you can use agentDeploy script to deploy Management Agents. To be able to use this method, you need to create a user for management agent and create required directories and give permission to the Management agent user.

Let’s say we’ll create a group named “oinstall” and a user named “oracle” belongs to this group, and install the agent software to “/u01/agent”. Login as root user and issue the following commands:

Of course, I assume that you don’t have oracle user and oinstall group, and there’s no directory named “/u01/agent”. Instead of creating new user, group and directory, you can use an existing user, group and directory (if the directory is empty). Do not forget to check if OMS and target system can resolve each other’s host name!

Login to the OMS host as oracle user (again I assume you used oracle to install OMS), and log in to OEM using emcli:

Oracle documents sugget us to synchronize EMCLI:

List the platforms for which the Management Agent software is available on the OMS host:

Create the installation package for the Management Agent software in a directory on the OMS host:

You’ll have a new file in the destination directory. Its name will be something like Transfer this file to the target system. You may use ftp, scp or put that file to a shared directory and copy to target system. Then extract the zip file (on target system):

Enter the agentsetup directory and edit the agent response file:

Modify the response file according to your OMS configuration:

Run the script to deploy the agent:

After the script is completed successfully, open a new terminal window, login as “root” and run the configuration script (the location of the script is written in the output of

You can check the agent’s status:

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  1. Can the agent be deployed in Aix Power system my OMS is  running on Linux emcli get_supported_platforms does not list for AIX. Does that mean cannot be downloaded for AIX

    • You need to download agent for AIX and import to OMS server. then you should be able to get support image for Linux.



  2. Yun-Ho


    Thank you for your article.

    Where do I find the specific settings I need to enter into agent.rsp?  You show your example like this, but how do I find my settings for the PORT numbers?  What is the AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD?  Am I just setting it here?


    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Yun-Ho,

      Go to a working agent, and run “emctl status agent” so you can find the upload and agent ports. AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD is the password you entered for secure connections between agents and OMS. If you do not remember it, you may create a new one (without deleting/disabling the current one). On EM12c, you should click “setup > security > registration password” to go the “registration passwords” page. In this page, click “add registration password” to add new one, and use it for your agent.

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