Unable to Register with Red Hat Network

We want to install Oracle E-Business Suite on Red Hat Linux 6.2. To be able to use RHN Repository to install packages, we tried to register our system but when we issued “rhn_register” we got the following error:

How to Add RAC Databases to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

It’s been asked several times to me how to add RAC (Clustered Databases) to Enterprise Manager 12c. Finally I found time to get screenshots and prepare a step-by-step guide. The interesting point about adding Clustered Databases is, when you try to discover (and add) a cluster databases like you do a stand-alone database, EM12c does not show you an error but the process doesn’t complete. It makes users to feel like there’s a bug. In fact, it’s just because user miss a required step.

So how to add a RAC Database? First of all, we need to deploy agents to all nodes. you can find related document on my blog. After you deployed agents to all nodes, we’ll add “Oracle Cluster and High Avaliablity Service”.

Add Cluster Target

TROUG Ankara Meeting

Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey with more than 15 million population, and the largest companies of Turkey are located in Istanbul. So as you may expect, Istanbul is the heart of IT industry and most TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) members are located there. Therefore we (TROUG) preferred to organize our own events in Istanbul (and gave only a few presentations at the universities outside Istanbul). This year, we decided to expand our boundaries and give a chance to Ankara (the capital city of Turkey). We organized a user meeting yesterday. It was a full-day event and took place in TOBB University of Economics and Technology. In this event, I gave the keynote speech and tried to explain the reasons to join a user group. I also made a presentation about Enterprise Manager 12c: ASH Analytics.