How to Recover Weblogic Administration Password of Enterprise Manager

As you may know, Weblogic is a part of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control environment, and it’s automatically installed and configured by the EM installer. The Enterprise Manager asks you to enter a username and password for Weblogic administration. This information is stored in secure files, and you usually do not need them unless you need to use Weblogic console. So it’s easy to forgot these username and password, and that’s what happened to me. Fortunately there’s a way to recover them without even resetting new user/password. Here are the steps:

First we need to know DOMAIN_HOME directory. My OMS is located in “/u02/Middleware/oms”. You can find yours if you read “/etc/oragchomelist”. If the full path of OMS is “/u02/Middleware/oms”, my middleware home is “/u02/Middleware/”. Under my middleware home, I need to go GCDomains folder:

First let’s get the encrypted information from file:

The encrypted information starts with {AES} and ends with equal (=) sign. To decrypt the username and password, we will create a simple java application:

Save it as “”. To be able to compile (and run) it, we need to set environment variables (we’re still in GCDomain folder). We’ll give the encrypted part as the last parameter:

I intentionally break the lines to make the code fits the page but you don’t need to do it. Correct CLASSPATH and DOMAIN_NAME are set when we issued “. bin/” command. When we run the last two commands, we should see the weblogic administrator username and password in plain text. By the way, even if you use the same password with me, you may see different encrypted text because when encrypting and decrypting, weblogic uses the cypher key stored in “security/SerializedSystemIni.dat” file. So as long as the cypher key is different, you get different encrypted text for even same input.

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  1. Nesir Ahmet

    Hello Mr. GΓΆkhan
    I want to thank you for this post it really helped me. And the interesting point is that i have faced this problem last evening and you have just post it last night πŸ™‚ nice coincidence..

  2. Talip Hakan Ozturk

    Hi Nesir,

    You must thank to me also πŸ™‚ Because, I send you this blog post link πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. Murthy

    Thank you for posting this, I was struggling with password changes and related issues – this solved all those.

    • Gokhan Atil

      You’re welcome. I’m happy to hear that it helps.

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  5. Joseph Thangaraja

    Great help. It helped timely when I was running Production upgrade.

    Thanks lot.


  6. paul


    I can’t believe that worked, but it worked beautifully!

    Such a clever trick. How in the world did you come up with something so esoteric, profound and useful?

  7. Phil Broughton

    Life saver – just had to do this and it works with zero fuss… Well done and thanks for posting

  8. Atul

    Great Gokhan, it helped me.

    The java program reflects you are a master with weblogic methods/api’s.

    Many thanks!

  9. Andrew

    It’s not often that unofficial tips like this actually work. Heck, it’s unusual that official tips like this actually work. I sort of already know the password, but wanted to double check it. This tip worked *flawlessly* during my upgrade from EM12.1.0.3 to EM13.1 on RH 7 and a repository DB. Thank you very much.

  10. Shobha

    Hi, I am not a java person, I have this: what do i do next?
    -rw-r–r– 1 oemora1 dba 274 Jul 31 12:38
    -rw-r–r– 1 oemora1 dba 801 Jul 31 12:39 recoverpassword.class

  11. Frank lee

    Gokhan Atil:

    Very good approach and procedures. It really help me. Thanks.

  12. Damu

    Thanks a lot. I couldn’t believe that it actually worked. Recovered my weblogic password of OEM 13c.

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