Oracle 11g New Feature: RMAN Data Recovery Advisor

In Oracle 11g, RMAN provides a new advisor called Data Recovery Advisor (DRA). DRA has several new commands to help DBAs for performing recovery tasks.

To list of database failures, you can issue:

DRA will consolidate related failures into a single failure. You can list a failure individually by issuing “list failure X detail” command.

By default, the list failure command shows all failures with the critical and high priorities. You can list failures for a specific priority:

When you fix a failure, the failure will be closed automatically. However, sometimes a failure may be irrelevant for you. In this case, you can use RMAN’s change failure command to close it. You can also use this command to change the priority (you can’t change a priority level of critical):

DRA can also recommend how to fix the failures:

Once DRA provides its repair recommendations, you can choose to run the repair failure command to fix and close a specific failure. If the advise failure command recommends any manual repairs, you need to perform these repairs first:

If you don’t want RMAN actually repair the failure but just want to examine RMAN’s repair actions, you can use the preview option:

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  1. Phong Kieu

    Dear Gokhan,

    In case,
    Sunday – backup full level 0 + archivelog
    Monday – backup inc level 1 + archivelog
    Tuesday – backup inc level 1 + archivelog
    Wed – backup inc level 1 + archivelog

    If i want to restore database at PIT on Wednesday, do I need archivelogs being backup on Monday and Tuesday ?

    Please help me to clarify this case.


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