Connect Through a Proxy User Account

If you have required privileges, it’s possible to connect as a user account without knowing or changing his password. This is called proxy connection. To authorize a user account to connect using a proxy account, use the GRANT CONNECT THROUGH clause of the ALTER USER statement.

Let’s set say we don’t know password of SCOTT user. I connect with my dba account and set “GOKHAN” user as a proxy for SCOTT:

Now we can connect using the GOKHAN proxy user:

Use the REVOKE CONNECT THROUGH clause of ALTER USER to disallow a proxy connection:

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  1. Matheus Sato


    What are the dictionary tables related to proxy privileges ?
    How I find witch user have access to connect (as another user) using proxy?

    Best Regards,

  2. ahmed

    Hi Gokhan,

    is there any way to audit “gokhan” user activities on the DB?

  3. Boris


    I like your article and I like your CSS to show samples.  you know – text boxes with toggle/copy icons, etc.   I would like to use the same approach for my page  about Oracle VPD.  Can I use your CSS?

  4. Mehmet Simsek

    to get the username you can use the following package:


  5. kirillk2

    Hello, how revoke privilege “alter user <current_schema_client>” from logged proxy user?

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