Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g and opmnctl

In Grid Control 10g, we use opmnctl utility to stop, start and get status of Oracle Application Server 10g and OMS (Oracle Management Service). In new Grid Control (11g), OMS is deployed on weblogic server so we need to use emctl instead of opmnctl to start OMS.

To start the OMS and the necessary weblogic processes needed:

To stop the OMS and the Weblogic processes:

To get status of OMS:

If you want to get detailed status of OMS, you can use “-details” parameter (it will ask you the password of SYSMAN):

Opmnctl can still be used to get status of the HTTP_Server component:

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  1. Alex

    Hello Gokhan,

    Is there a way to relocate some of upload/installation folder of the EM console /OMS, to another file system, if there is space shortage on the file system it was originally installed on ?

    • Gokhan Atil

      Alex, I do not know any official way to do it but if you are running them on Unix/Linux system, you may stop OMS (and all other related processes), move the installation folder (including content) to another mount point, and then create a symbolic link on old location to point new location. Disclaimer: It’s not guaranteed to work! 🙂

  2. paul


    Is there a way to do (on OEM 12c):

    emctl status oms -details

    and give the password (e.g. with -pwd Welcome)


    Can’t seem to find it.



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