Configuring Oracle SQL Developer for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL

Most of DBAs I know, use TOAD for doing daily tasks, but I prefer Oracle SQL Developer. In my opinion, it has 3 important advantages against TOAD:

  • It’s platform-independent: Although I use Windows on my laptop now, I’m a big fan of Linux and Solaris, and I don’t like being dependent on a specific OS. Thanks to Java, Oracle SQL Developer is platform-independent.
  • It supports multiple databases: You can use SQL Developer for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, TimesTen, DB2 and (of course) Oracle.
  • It’s extendible: Yes I know that there are not too much documents about it, but it’s extensible. For example, check FourthElephant’s extensions for SQL Developer:

TOAD has a better interface because of using native Windows components but you can get used to SQL Developer if you spend time on it. Anyway, this blog has nothing to do with comparing SQL Developer and TOAD. I’ll just show how to configure SQL Developer to connect Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

You need to download and install the required (and supported) JDBC drivers to make Oracle SQL Developer connect MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

For MySQL download the J/connecter from

For Microsoft SQL Server download the jTDS from The JDBC driver which is published by Microsoft doesn’t work with Oracle SQL Developer, at least I couldn’t make it work.

After you download the JDBC drivers, unzip them and then open prefences window in SQL Developer ( tools >> preferences ):

To add JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server, click “add entry…” button and find “jtds-1.2.5.jar” in the file open dialog.

To add JDBC driver for MySQL, click “add entry…” button and find “mysql-connector-java-5.1.17-bin.jar” in the file open dialog.

You need to restart SQL Developer to make these new JDBC drivers active. Then you can create a connections for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase (because JDTS supports Sybase) and MySQL:

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  1. vijay

    I have added an entry for MSQLSever(sybase)DB as shown. After restarting the sqldeveloper’s new connection window is not coming.
    Could you please assist me…?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Gokhan Atil


      Are you sure that you installed jTDS (not the official Microsoft jdbc driver) for MSSQL Server? After you restart, do you see the jar file in 3rd party drivers list?

    • Eric

      I’m having the same issue. I’ve installed the jTDS 1.3.0 on a installation of SQL Developer running on Window Server 2003. After I add the 3rd party driver from preference screen, I go to add new connection and the New Connection window doesn’t open at all. If I remove the jTDS jar, it opens again. I have also restarted SQL Dev after adding jTDS. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

      Another thing to note: when I do the same thing on a Windows 7 machine, it works. Could it be the OS (Server 2003)?

    • Gokhan Atil

      Eric and Vijay, I have tested the latest versions and I have similar problem. I think there’s an incompatibility problem about Java. I’ll let you know if I find a solution.

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  3. Uğur

    binlerce kez teşekkürler dostum.

    Work it sqldeveloper Version

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  6. Maryjane Eldred

    I had to add the database name and domain=<domainname> to the port to get it to connect without errors; like this:


  7. Rommel

    Hi i have the same problen using JTDS 1.30 and SQL Developer Version i supose that im using the lasted versión of JTDS. does any one knowk how to fix the problem?

    Tks. for the answers.

  8. abel

    Que cochinada de DEVELOPER, imposible ponerla a andar por más Java y jugetes que recomiendan en internet, Dios mio, que enredo – Renuncio a esta cochinada, buscaré una opcion amigable a microsoft

  9. jyoti

    It helped me to connect MySQL in SQL Developer .

    Thanks for this post 🙂

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  12. Soudhanya

    I’m having the issue with connecting teradata jars. After I add the 3rd party driver from preference screen, I go to add new connection and i have not found Teradata tab . Could you please help me to fix this.


  13. Mohammed ALSarraj

    This is really helpfull.
    But how can I create a con with MS Access because there is no MS Access button con in SQL Developer, just Oracle button con.

    Thanks for your supporting

  14. prasad

    Not found the preference option in tools so not able to add third party JDBC driver. Trying this on mac. Please suggest.
    using Oracle Sql developer 17.2.

  15. Bharath

    Can the SQL Developer tool be used to query Sybase IQ? By going through some websites, I am getting a sense that it wont work with Sybase IQ. Correct me if I am wrong here.

  16. Mary Sciuto

    I’m running SQL Developer 3, connecting to SQL Server 2014, SP2. I am able to connect to the SQL Server instance/database, but when I try to drop down any of the databases, I get error
    “Invalid column name ‘suid’.
    Vendor code 207.
    Are there any solutions for this?
    Thank You,

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