How to Install Oracle Ops Center 12c (Step by Step Guide)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c is a comprehensive solution to manage all Oracle systems deployed in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments. Ops Center 12c introduces unique capabilities for establishing, managing, and supporting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds, and it’s a key component to help Oracle customers adopt cloud computing faster and with less effort and risk.

I’ll try to show how to install Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c on Oracle Linux 5.5 (64bit). My previous installation guide for Oracle Linux 5.6 can help you to install 5.5 Linux (or you can just install Ops Center on Oracle Linux 5.6): How to Install Oracle Linux 5.6

Installation of OCDoctor

OCDoctor is an utility to assist users in various stages of the Ops Center deployment. It is updated on a regular basis to help you identify and resolve known issues or suggest ways to improve performance.

You can download it from:

If you have already OCDoctor (not downloaded the latest version from internet), make sure that it updates itself:

After updating OCDoctor, run it to check prerequisites:

Examine the output and fix the errors. When I run, it showed the following errors (and warnings):

I’ll ignore the first error because I can’t add my virtual PC extra RAM. I’ll also ignore second warning because I have already 35G space and it will be enough for installation (tested).

To install required RPMs, I’ll set up Oracle’s Public YUM server:

I’ve changed “enabled=0” to “enabled=1” under “[el5_u5_base]”. Now we’re ready to use public YUM server to install missing packages:

Important: Ops Center installer asked me to install “compat-libcom_err” although OCDoctor doesn’t show it as a missing RPM.

After installing missing RPMs, I re-run the OCDoctor to be sure that my system satisfies the prerequisites. If everything looks OK, we can start installing Ops Center 12c.

Installation of OPS Center 12c

Enterprise Manager Ops Center has a text based installer. You can download the setup file from

Important: If you’ll use local database, you also need to download Oracle DB from MOS and then put the zip files into /var/tmp/downloads folder:

We don’t need to extract the zip files of the database, Ops Center Installer will do all work. Now extract the Ops Center installation zip:

After you run the above command, go into “xvmoc_full_bundle” folder and run the installer as “root” user. Installer will ask your email to be able to install Oracle Configuration Manager. It’s an optional step and does not effect the installation but I recommend you to install Oracle Configuration Manager.

When the installer passed first steps, all you need is to wait. Installation will smoothly complete.

Installation is done. Now we need to connect to web interface of Ops Center to complete the configuration. We open our favorite browser and enter hostname of our server (i.e to connect Ops Center.

We need to enter “root” as username and password of the root user to login.

Ops Center warns us again about memory and disk space, we also see a warning about Java environment. I’ll ignore this warning, I think Java environment is only needed for the “terminal” connection Java applet.

In this step, enter the hostname of Ops Center. In most cases, Ops Center will already detect it correct so you’ll probably leave it as it is. Then select how you’ll install proxy servers. As you know, Ops Center communicate with target systems through Proxy controllers and we may need to deploy multiple proxy controllers for separate networks. In this installation, I’ll use only one proxy controller, and it’ll be deployed to the same server with my Ops Center.

Select the correct network interface from the pull-down menu and click next. Proxy controller will manage the systems which can connect through this network interface.

Proxy controller is online, go to next step.

Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c has a new feature called Automated Service Requests (ASR). If your server is connected to the internet, I recommend you to choose the connected mode to be able to use this new feature. You’ll also need to enter MOS credentials to be able to work in connected mode.

Accept the default values or enter the locations to store Software library. You can use NFS shares.

You may configure DHCP for OS Provisioning for selected the network interfaces, or you can configure it later.

Review your settings, and click “finish” if everything is OK. It’s possible to go back to any step and change the settings, or even cancel the configuration and restart it from the beginning (step 1).

We have completed the configuration and Ops Center is ready to use.

Adding New Assests to OPS Center

We’re ready to add an asset (a target system to manage) to our Ops Center 12c.

Log in to Ops Center, you’ll see the assets page. There’s a sliding menu at right side, click the double arrows to open it, and then click “add assets”. Then click “Add and manage various types of assets” and click next.

Create a new discovery profile.

Enter a name for discovery profile, and choose the target types you want to discover and click next. You’ll see the page you can enter tags that can be used for discovery. I’ll not use tags so click next again.

Define an IP range and click add, then click next.

Create a new management credential to discover (and then to manage) your assets. Click next, review the information you entered and click “finish” to create the discovery profile. As you can see, it’s also possible to manage and monitor targets without deploying agents (new feature of Ops Center 12c)!

Now click “add now” to start discovering target systems. Ops Center will create a job for discovery process.

You can get more information about the job created for discovering assets. Click the quick link at the bottom of the page, or open the jobs and find the running job.

When the job completed (it takes some time depending on how many target systems will be discovered and subnet range), you can start managing and monitoring the new assets. As I see, in Ops Center 12c, discovering and adding steps are merged and now it takes less steps to add an asset to the Ops Center.

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AWS Big Data Specialist. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for EBS R12, Oracle 10g and 11g. Co-author of "Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c" book published by Apress. Awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for the continuous contributions to the Oracle users community. Founding member, and vice president of Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG). Presented at various international conferences including Oracle Open World.


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  2. Wajid

    Do you have demo of how to see Ops Center through EM12c console? I saw posted by Rob, but that explains adding EM12c to Ops Center only.

  3. Simon McCartney

    Great set of steps to get installed, my install stalled a few times, requiring these packages to progress:

    yum install libaio-devel
    yum install xinetd keyutils
    yum install tftp-server dhcp
    yum install nfs-utils

    • Gokhan Atil

      Thanks for the info. Have you used OCDoctor to verify the packages?

  4. Srinivas

    Very good document. Do you have a document for OS provisioning also.

    Thank you

  5. Thanigai

    Having trouble installing/configuring Ops Center on t4-4 Sun Sparc 11 machine. Any thoughts? Is this supported and prescribed method/version? I hear people say X86 is supported but not SUN SPARC, is that correct statement? Thanks

    • Gokhan Atil

      Both 32-bit and 64-bit of Oracle Solaris on SPARC are supported. Did you run OCDOCTOR to verify your configuration?

  6. David Mckenna

    Hi we are running Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC with attached zones underneath the global zones. and have recently installed opscentre 12c however when running the add asset profile we are finding that some virtual zones are not picked up by the discovery software also under administration managed assets some non global zones come back as Agent some with Agentless OS, we have ran OCDoctor within the global zone and any attached virtual zones and it’s output seems to indicate that everything is ok we are now a bit stuck I was wondering have you come across anything similar to this thanks in advance for your help

    Rgds Dave Mckenna

    • Gokhan Atil

      Dave, as you know, all non-global zones in the global zone should be discovered automatically. Have you previously managed that server by Ops Center 11g?

  7. Sei

    Hi Gokhan! Can I monitor the database only without ops center? Ops center is only for os and hw, right? I’m sorry for the silly questions as I’m dealing with my clients ‘coz they don’t want to install ops center.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Sei, Ops Center is to manage OS and hardware (both physical and virtualized). If you want to monitor the databases you can use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control or DBControl.

  8. Sei

    Thanks for your reply Gokhan. So, you mean to say that even though my databases were installed in solaris zones, I will still be able to manage those dbs thru EMgrid?

  9. shafiur

    Hi, we have OPS center 12c and recently we have installed OVM Server on a X86 server but unfortunately we have to install OVM Manager on a dual core hp desktop. Now if we want to discover this OVM Manager from OPS center, OPS center give some error. If you want i can give u the details of the error.
    OEL 5 is installed on the desktop and OVM Manager 3.2.2 is installed on it.
    So is it possible to discover this OVM Manager from OPS center.
    It would be very helpful for me if could give me some answer.
    Thanks on advance.

  10. bharat

    Dear Experts,

    My OEM OpsCenter 12C-R2 is not generating the alerts on the failure of hardware resources like power or disk failure but till 2 days back we were getting all kind of alerts even if we disable any such kind of hardware part like USB n all from ILOM, we were getting alert immediate but I don’t know what happen within tool itself why it is not working.

    Please help I’m very crucial stage…

    • Gokhan Atil

      Please open a service request on My Oracle Support.

  11. Peter

    Hi, This is a nice tutorial for Ops Center, especially for beginners like me, I am trying to test in virtual environment using VirtualBox,

    I was able to install Ops Center on one VM and also able to add assets which also are other VMs on VirtualBox.

    I was wondering, are we able to provision OS on newly created empty VM in Virtualbox using Ops Center.


    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Peter, I haven’t tested it but if Virtual Box supports PXE , you should be able to do it. It could be a nice blog post… ūüôā

  12. Roy

    Oracle VM 3.2.x not support with OPS Center 12c UP3.

    The support is en OC 12c UP4(Metalink)…

  13. Prince

    I seem to have trouble installing Ops Center on my Solaris 10 Sparc platform due to space on /var which currently at about 40G free (Ops center install is recommending 85G)

    I have another File Systems that has 400G of free space

    How can i change the defaults from installing to /var, but to the other FS with enough space to play with, or how do I link /var to the other FS without messing up my system or ops center install ?



  14. Dear Gokhan, I have installed following your instructions OPS Center 12C. I have a couple of OVM managers that I have been trying to discover to no avail. The hosts have been discovered as HW and Operating system targets and added with no issues.

    I guess the problem is I do not know how to specify the port protocol and credentials.

    For the sake of discussion, I will choose one.

    I access it with IP and

    User is admin and password is (sample) P1ssWord. I can manage the ovm with no issues.

    What port and protocol shall I specify in credentials? It is TCP, TCPS or HTTP? and which port?

    Then, shall i use the admin/P1ssWord combination or something else?

  15. Heng

    Dear All,

    I installed Ops Center on Solaris 10 and added Sparc T2000 Server already then I want to configure it to send the hardware error to my outlook mail automatically.

    Please kindly share the procedure how to do it.

    Thanks and regards,


  16. Jprado

    I have this problem in the installation:

    creating group “dbaoc”
    created group “dbaoc”
    creating group “oinstoc”
    created group “oinstoc”
    Creating mailbox file: File exists
    useradd: warning: the home directory already exists.
    Not copying any file from skel directory into it.
    touch: cannot touch `/var/tmp/oracletestfile.txt’: Permission denied
    DBERROR: Failed to pass privelege checks for oracleoc on /tmp, /var/tmp, and /var/opt/sun/xvm/oracle
    Error: 256 when executing: cd /opt/orcl/orcl-sysman-db/cmd; ./ install 0 “localhost:11176/” “4294967295”


    any help? thaaaanks!!!


    • Gokhan Atil

      It seems the installer couldn’t create the user for Oracle Database. Have you tried multiple times to install it? I recommend you to remove all related users and groups (oracleoc, dbaoc, oinstoc) and their home directories, and check the directory permissions of /tmp and /var/tmp. Don’t forget to use latest version of OCDOCTOR to verify your configuration.

  17. Jprado

    Thanks for your reply, I change the permissions manually, delete the user and group and try again and pass… now I have another question: I try to create a Logical Domain, I don’t have a NAS storage or SAN storage, and I want to store the ldoms vdisk on a local device in the assets that I choice, but I can see the local device or the guest file directory, how can I do that?

    Sorry my english, hugs from Chile!!




    When i try to add solaris 11 aset i get this error message :


    10/02/2013 03:11:50 PM GMT INFO /usr/bin/pkgrepo info -s  /var/opt/sun/xvm/locallib/swlib1/910bd8b2-d289-4fc4-9e07-1451cde50f26/data
    10/02/2013 03:11:51 PM GMT INFO PUBLISHER PACKAGES STATUS           UPDATED
    10/02/2013 03:11:51 PM GMT INFO cacao     5        online           2013-05-21T17:02:33.982841Z
    10/02/2013 03:11:56 PM GMT INFO mp-re     5        online           2013-05-21T17:03:26.511604Z
    10/02/2013 03:11:56 PM GMT INFO opscenter 30       online           2013-05-21T17:03:44.689188Z
    10/02/2013 03:11:57 PM GMT ERROR IPS Repository /var/opt/sun/xvm/locallib/swlib1/910bd8b2-d289-4fc4-9e07-1451cde50f26/data does not exist or is invalid. (94300)


    can u help me ?


    best regards

  19. sandhya

    Hi Gokhan,

    i have one question. how to delete one assest (LDOM) from 12c OPs

    center. if the LDOM is an un managed state and i will try to delete the asset by clicking “delet asses” , then whether it will completely

    remove the server permanently.?or it will only only remove agent

    Please reply

  20. Martin Peters

    Hello Gokhan, excellent article. But what is unclear to me is the licensing of the Oracle 11g Server software needed for Ops Center. The manual states that the Oracle Server Enterprise Edition is needed. If we use the Oracle Server embedded, is it free of charge or do we need to license the Enterprise Edition software?

  21. Lucky

    Hello Gokhan,

    excellent article!!!!

    Few Queries: –

    I had installed Oracle 12c grid Control on one of the Linux Server and configured all the  Target Database server. We are planning to install Oracle 12c ops center on the same server. is it possible to use the Same Repository Database for 12c Ops Center as well. If Yes how to proceed because in one the pre-requiste it is searching for a 11g database Installation Files in /var/admin/download location?

    Please Guide

  22. noon

    Thanks for the article.

    Just a little question, is it possible to replace a red hat network satellite with ops center?

    I mean is it to possible to do a yum update on a client and this yum update will use the package from our ops center?


  23. Atul


    Can we do the Oracle solaris 11.1 deployment throgh OEM ops center 12c as my OEM OPS center is installed on linux.

  24. Abdelaziz bendoumah

    hi everyone,

    while adding new assets on opscenter 12c i’m getting this error : Cannot install the agent bundle (80088)


    any one can help me.

  25. NaN

    I have the same problem right now.

    You have already solved this problem? If yes, please can you tell me what you do?

    Thanks a lot

  26. Paulpop

    I intented install OPs Center 12.2 in solaris 11, but the installation show this mesage


    xecuting job: jobs/ –install
    System does not have SFWrpmlib.
    pkgadd  -a /var/run/3502.admin  -d /var/tmp/itss/xvmoc_full_bundle/./SunOS_i386/Product/componeages/SFWrpmlib.pkg SFWrpmlib

    Error: installed /var/tmp/itss/xvmoc_full_bundle/./SunOS_i386/Product/components/packages/SFWrp
    but cannot determine installed package name


    What Happend?

    How I can resolve this problem?



  27. Matt

    Something I ran into that took me a while to find was how to install 32 bit version of RPMs. If you put .i686 at the end of the yum install command it will do it. yum install <program name>.i686 I don’t know if that is a novice thing, but it’s there for whoever wants it.

  28. Rajesh

    Hi Gokhan,

    I am installing ops centre 12c on linux 6.5, i am getting error on step 11: Install and Configure Oracle Database.

    Error : failed to create database. unexpected error from dbca

    Warm regards


  29. Rajesh


    i have installed ops centre successfully on my virtual machine (Linux 6). it worked fine after installation , but today i rebooted my server after booting ops centre was not accessible.

    i have tried to start service with /opt/sun/xvmoc/bin/ecadm start -v -w command but it showing me one error application/scn/uce-server:default… … failed, putting into Maintenance state. what can i do for this???? Thanks and



    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Rajesh

      It’s probably happened because you didn’t stopped the Ops Center services before you shutdown the server. Have you examined the logs?

  30. mayank

    Hi Gokhan

    Thanks for  sharing a Ops center document . Do you have any idea how to migrate the Ops center running on Solaris to another Solaris Server.



    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Mayank

      I haven’t done it but these steps should work:
      1) Backup your OpsCenter (and repository DB), shutdown the old server
      2) Start the new server, set the hostname and IP of old server
      3) Install OpsCenter software (but do not configure)
      4) Restore OpsCenter and repository DB from your backup.

      Do not forget to read the backup and recovery documents!

  31. Ravi

    Hi Gokhan,

    Is it possible to add Exadata as a asset in Ops Center? I couldn’t find any document regarding that.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Ravi,

      You can manage and monitor Exadata with Ops Center at component level. It means you can add the storage and compute nodes as asset, but it will not provide in-depth administration and monitoring like Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides. So I recommend you to use EM12c to manage your exadata.

  32. Amit


    I’ve installed and configured OpsCenter, however now I’m faced with having to move my Software Library swlib0, swlib1 and swlib2 to another share. ¬†How can I perform this? ¬†So the “Initial EC Library ” and “Oracle Solaris 11 Software Update Library” need to be moved to another NFS storage server


    • Gokhan Atil


      Although I haven’t tried it, you may copy the swlib folders (including subfolders and files) to new share and then create symbolink links which will point new locations.

      To test this method, after you copied the folders to new share, rename the original folders (do not remove them) and then create symbolink links. If software library keep working as expected, you may remove the original folders.

  33. Asif

    I am having issue with my rpool utilization (98%) due to the space utilized by software libraries.

    How can we perform a cleanup to reclaim the space.

  34. Saqib


    Unable to complete network operation against My Oracle Support. Please check network connectivity to Oracle Support Site.

    Hello i’m very new to Ops when i try to set my Credentials it gives me error above. i contacted my network team they sent me a Certificate. and i have no idea what to do. please help. i’m a newbie to all this.

  35. Syamsul akbar

    Hi Gokhan,

    Great Tutorial, you awsome!

    I wan to ask you about OpsCenter :

    Can I change the url address of opscenter ? for an ex: “”¬†and I want to change to be Ip address ? like “” because when I access my Opscenter with Url (IP) like Oracle Virtual Manager(OVMM) the opscenter not reached.

    How to Access that Opscenter from client for manage? ex: I want to access my opscenter from my laptop and using firefox, Because until now i just access my opscenter from it self, so firstly SSH to host (opscenter) then open browser from opscenter then i can access my Opscenter.

    Really appreciate and big thanks with your tutorial.


  36. Muhammad Mustafeez

    Dear Gokhan,

    I have configured oracle ops center 12 c in Oracle Linux i want to add my existing zone  (I want add my non-global zone under global zone )

    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Muhammad, unfortunately I have no access to Oracle OPS center right now, so I can’t answer question about it.

  37. Mohammed

    Hello Atil,

    Can you help me, I am not able to lunch we browser of OpsCenter, day before yesterday it working fine but after reboot the server I am not able to http, showing 404 error –

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance…

  38. Mohammed

    @Gokhan – Thanks for your help, well I have checked the status it is already online, but again I restarted. And its restarted without any errors –

    # ./satadm stop
    satadm: Shutting down Enterprise Controller using SMF…
    # ./satadm status
    # ./satadm start -vw
    satadm: Enable HTML redirect
    satadm: Disabling svc:/application/scn/ec-server-splashpage:default
    satadm: svc:/application/scn/ec-server-splashpage:default successfully stopped
    satadm: Starting Enterprise Controller with SMF…
    satadm: … milestone “satellite-enable” successfully enabled
    satadm: … Waiting for Enterprise Controller services to go “online”
    satadm: Enterprise Controller services have started
    # ./satadm status

    Please advise…

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