Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c released for Windows

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c is released for Windows 64bit. You can download it from Oracle web site. Bundle patch 1 is already applied to windows release. New EM12c agents for Windows 32bit and 64bit are also available. You can use self-update to download them but you must have already applied Bundle Patch 1 to your Enterprise Manager:

As you see, although I downloaded the agents, I can’t use them because I’m still waiting for BP1 for Solaris (My EM12c is installed on Solaris) 🙂

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  1. Jukka

    I wonder if this performs better on WIndows than with Solaris? The Ops Center gui is very slow and sluggish always and not a very pleasant user experience.

    And yes, we have plenty of HW behind it with only few clients.

    • Gokhan Atil

      I do not think that you’ll get a better performance on Windows. On the other hand, if you have recommended HW, you shouldn’t have performance problems.

  2. Wajid

    Thanks for posting all this. You are providing an excellent service to we Oracle DBAs. Your presentation is wonderful. Keep it up!

  3. Sergey

    It looks like EM 12c BP1 does not really support manager Win32 targets.

    Error on Applying agent software for Windows x32:
    Exception: OperationFailedException: Below host metric patches are not applied to OMS.[13242773, 13707704]

    Patch 13707704 –> moved to 14040891 according to MOS

    Now check this out:

    Patching 14040891:
    Following patches have conflicts: [ 13692486 13653571 13704373 13964076 ]

    So… Wait for couple weeks!

    For the conflict between 13964076 and 13704373 request has already been raised and processed.

    Reference number : OOB:14334551.2024490

    Patch is expected turn around time for release is 2 weeks.

  4. ravi kumar

    Is it possible to install agent software for Windows x32 and able to monitor without installing Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c? currently i am running 32 bit windows and want to try the product out.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Ravi, you must have EM12c installed to be able to monitor any target. Without EM12c, management agents are useless.

  5. Satish

    Hi Gokhan,

    Today I am trying to add databases on 12c grid control which are running on windows 32bit. I have downloaded and applied the windows 32bit software on self update, but while promoting the host in step 2 of 3 i am getting below error..

    The Named Credential you have selected has the Run As attribute set, so enter a valid Privilege Delegation setting.
    The following validation errors were detected for the details provided for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) hosts.

    I have tried to add Administartor user and Oracle user which is the admin for oracle.. but no luck 🙁

    Could you please help me on this..

  6. Satish

    well Gokhan, now I have escape from this error.. but now I am getting another error while Agent Deployment on windows 32bit.. the error is SSH server check failed….SSH daemon (sshd) is not running on port “22”

    So we need to install the sshd on windows by using the third party tools? we dont have any other options?

    Please suggest me..

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish Kumar Sadhu

  7. Memz

    please I need steps from zero to starting installation

    In windows 64 bit .. I read all docs of em12c and I still have problem


  8. Arash

    Hi Memz

    Take a look at oracle docs e22624 page 43 , “installing cygwin and starting ssh daemon”

  9. sohail

    Hi Gokhan

    I go through your book but I didn’t find SQL Database deployment.

    Could you please send me Documents how to deploy SQL Server in EM12C.




  10. Mate

    Hello Gokhan,

    Is there any workaround to run Windows Oracle Failsafe cluster environment with Cloud Control 12C since this Announcement: Enterprise Manager 12.1 Does Not Support Failsafe Environments (Doc ID 1581690.1) ?

    Or how can we configure it with normal Windows Cluster HA?

    Many Thanks and Regards


    • Nancy


      Have you found any solution for monitoring Fail Safe with OEM 12c? We are implementing Fail Safe 4.1.1 and we have OEM 12.1.5 implemented.

    • Jose

      Hi, do you have some info about how to add windows oracle failsafe to Cloud Control?


  11. steven

    Why would oracle still using as the repository database for OEM patch release will be obsolete by somewhere Aug 27, 2015.


    The repository database can only be enterprise version. For small deployment you wouldn’t need that enterprise version.

    This is an incomplete product.


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