Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2

I was not expecting new release before OOW, but Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R2 ( is released today. Below are some of the new features and enhancements coming with EM12c R2:

  • EM CLI Verbs Available in the Software Library
  • Enhanced Repository Page
  • New Oracle Management Service Page
  • Consolidated Agent Management Page
  • Incident Manager Updates (support for bulk operations)
  • Better support for Fusion Middleware, Cloud Management and Virtualization
  • Heterogeneous (Non-Oracle) Management (Metadata Plug-In Support)

If you have already EM12c ( installed, Oracle offers only the 1-system upgrade method. The upgrade happens on the same host, so there will be a reasonable downtime. On the other hand, the upgrade process seems pretty straight forward (I hope I will test and blog soon).

EM12c R2 comes with “Upgrade Agents Console”. So you can select one or more Oracle Management Agents 12c Release 1 ( and upgrade them to 12c R2 easily. It is a must-have feature!

It’s also good to see that Oracle released EM12c R2 for all supported platforms at the same time. You can download the EM12c R2 for Linux x86 (32-bit & 64-bit), Solaris (SPARC & x86-64), IBM AIX (Power 64-bit) and Windows (64-bit).

Download: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/enterprise-manager/downloads/index.html

EM12c Documents: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/index.htm

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AWS Big Data Specialist. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for EBS R12, Oracle 10g and 11g. Co-author of "Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c" book published by Apress. Awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for the continuous contributions to the Oracle users community. Founding member, and vice president of Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG). Presented at various international conferences including Oracle Open World.


  1. Brian Pardy

    Any luck getting it installed? I made it through some failures in the MDS Schema configuration after the install, but now I’m stuck with errors in OMSCA.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Brian, I’m planning to install it tomorrow. I’ll try to blog about it soon.

    • Brian Pardy

      I’ll be looking forward to reading about it. My upgrade from 12cR1+BP1 didn’t complete, I ended up backing it out. Clean install might go better.

    • Hemant


      I am having the same problem. Tried upgrading existing 12cR1 to R2 on Linux 64bit. Stuck with OMSCA. Tried tweaking memory parameters (Xmx) but that did not help.

      Reverting back to R1.


    • Brian Pardy

      Thank you Hemant, that makes me more confident that I have not done anything wrong. I posted my problem on the OTN forum and I am expecting to discuss it with some people from Oracle. I am repeating the upgrade now.

  2. Akanksha

    Hi Hemant,

    This is Akanksha from Oracle Prodct management team. I came to this post via Brian. Can you open an Service Request with oracle support and provide us more details on what you tried and upload log files. I would like to know what error you ran into and root cause for them.


  3. Hemant


    The 12cR2 upgrade failed while it was trying to configure existing OMS. Actually starting weblogic with new software.

    I just opened an SR because I failed starting 12cR1.

    I have uninstalled 12cR2 for now.


  4. Magnun


    My database is the Oracle® database 11g Release 2 (11.2) my doubt is if I install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 will work correctly?


    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Magnun, EM12c can manage and monitor 11gR2 databases, so it will work without any problem.

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