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I’m pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Packt Publishing and are organizing a give away especially for you. All you need to do is just comment below this post and win a free copy of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Administration Cookbook (which I have already reviewed). Three lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy of the book.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Administration Cookbook

Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Administration Cookbook eBook:

  • Recipes for installing, configuring, and getting up and running with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Set up automatic discovery, create and clone databases, and perform provisioning
  • Monitor Oracle Fusion Middleware, and remotely use incident and problem management using iPad/iPhone

How to Enter?
Simply post your expectations from this book in comments section. You could be one of the 3 lucky participants to win the e-copy.

The contest will close on April 12th, 2013. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

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AWS Big Data Specialist. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for EBS R12, Oracle 10g and 11g. Co-author of "Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c" book published by Apress. Awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for the continuous contributions to the Oracle users community. Founding member, and vice president of Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG). Presented at various international conferences including Oracle Open World.


  1. Adrian

    With the enterprise stack grouped around the database becoming more and more complex, the tools helping us managing this complexity got also more complex, and OEM 12c is no exception. Frankly, it is a beast-like species. I was quite impressed as I could get up & running with it easier than expected, but, still, there were, and expect to be more in the future – glitches. First example that comes to mind is the upgrade to Release 2. What I expect from the book is an appropriate selection of the recipes: neither (mainly) the little simple ones which are kind of obvious from the user interface and/or easy to find out, neither the too complex and least used ones – and still keeping a balance between the basics absolutely necessary to get a good understanding of, and the exotic uses which prove hard to find when you need them. I know, this is easier said than done, but I expect to see with my own eyes if Packt guys did it this time also 😀 .

    • Leon Heutmekers

      All your articles about Cloud Control 12c are good so I expect that this book will reflect this.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Leon, thank you but I’m not one of the authors of this book 🙂

  2. tobias

    I’d like to check this book out. I’m especially interested in the middleware management capabilities.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to see fusion application configuration and monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.


  4. Doublethink

    my expectations will be high, now gimme the book 😛

    No, but seriously,
    I hope to see some performance&tuning as well.
    Is it possible to attach other dbms’s as well? Like MySQL/Postgresql and sqlserver maybe?
    I would also like to see what legacy support is given to the older systems, like Oracle 9 (maybe even 8) and Oracle iAS.

    To be honest, im more of a commandline dba, but like to see what the new enterprise manager 12c cloud control is about.

  5. my expectations about the above book is to gain more knowledge about 12c so that i can make the life easier and learn new techniques. so i hope it will be educated book 🙂

  6. My expectation of the book is coverage of topics and solutions not immediately obvious from the documentation. As I do not generally have responsibility for Fusion Middleware components I would be particularly interested in this section.

  7. TonyM

    We have OEM 12c in-house and poorly configured. Through trial and error, the person managing it has made some performance improvement. I’ve only been able to dive into 20% of its capability. We don’t even have the middle-tier setup for the WebAdmins to manage their systems. I’m looking for a good reference to help in the process; something that helps us quickly reach the 80% capability mark with minimal effort. I’ll try to incorporate the last 20% once the 80% helps reduce the down day-to-day management requirements.

  8. Kiril

    I’m especially interested in building a private cloud with EM 12c and Oracle Vm.

  9. Veysi

    This book is definitely useful for new implements, So i would like to check it to improve Oracle 12C enterprise manager skill. Also wining a book From MR. Gokhan is excited me 🙂

    Best Regards!

  10. Andrey

    It would be interesting to get more information about OPS Center

    Thank you!

  11. Eric Yelle

    Since we are moving to Webcenter and we are also planning our upgrade to 12c. I would like to see how 12C and Webcenter interact together.

  12. Ed

    I expect this book to be written outside of Oracle’s comfort zone? Tell us what Oracle docs don’t want to tell you in their official docs, give me easier ways to do OEM stuff without using point and click, my eyes are tired and my fingers are suffering RSI already …. 🙂 … now gimme the book and I can do some more review … he he he

  13. My expectation is that it’s not just another book that reiterate the documentation, but rather provide real life examples to get user get over the hurdles.

  14. Matthias Wies

    Currently I am using Enterprise Manager 12c to manage my IAAS cloud and the databases hosted in that cloud. With this book I expect to unleash more of the potential of Enterprise Manager 12c.

  15. Christian Apostolo


    my expectations from this book are to find a lot of way to debug problem .
    Expacially how to query repository.

    Thanks a lot

  16. Lynne

    I’m interested in learning about the new features of Oracle 12c, especially the pluggable databases feature. I’m also interested in the new security features, like the PL/SQL Unit Security. By the way, I enjoyed your Ninja story (LOL). Too bad you couldn’t look at store security video so solve the mystery.

  17. Hi Gokhan
    I’ve already deployed an em12c in production in a very short time and I’m currently managing numerous databases with him. I’ve had to learn “through trial and error” and I hope that this book will provide me those details that I could deepen because of time.

  18. Flemming

    We have used OEM 10g and 11g for many years and are about to upgrade to OEM 12c.
    I believe this book could be a good entry point in learning to master OEM 12c.
    I also expect this book to have guidelines for setting up and operating OEM 12c – an area where I find that Oracle’s documentation typically fails.

  19. Ray Smith

    OEM 12c is a transformative technology with incredible functionality out of the box. Unfortunately any time you have a GUI there the potential for finding the hard way to perform a task instead of the best way. In addition, administrators may be fooled into believing that all admin tasks can be performed through the console. Mostly, but not all.
    I’ve talked with many OEM users and participate on the MOS Community. Most people are overwhelmed by the options and shocked by the behind-the-scenes knowledge required to administer OEM properly.
    I expect this book to highlight those ‘best ways’, and clarify some of these management challenges, such as WLS and EMCLI.

  20. Gokhan Atil

    Dear Friends, here’s the mail from Packt Marketing Research Executive.

    Below are the winners, feel free to send across their emails and I’ll have an book added for them :

    – Adrian
    – Doublethink
    – Xavier

    I’ve sent you emails for the details. Thanks for participating and happy reading! 🙂

  21. Damion Reeves

    I hope this book has a chapter (or at least a topic) on what to do when OEM 12 falls over in flames because of possible bugs in it.

    Something like a Troubleshooting OEM 12c section, what to do when the OEM 12c and OMS crashes, what base patches to apply to ensure it is stable.

    I hope it mentions SQL*Plus and a nice “suite” of UNIX shell/SQL scripts are the fallback.

    I’ve seen an entire group of “Certified 11g DBA’s” turn into Primary School Kids without their beloved OEM 12c….only to be saved by a real DBA.

    Thanks !



  22. rmc class

    Oracle has made significant effort with 12c to manage not only databases, host and application servers

  23. mshaik

    Hello Gokhan,

    Thanks for all your help!!! i closely follow your blogs. Im currently im working on OEM 12c as superadministrator.I greatly appreciate if you could forward me this pdf.

  24. Herbert Pessoa

    Hi Gokhan,


    i’m glad to see this book. I’m working with Oracle EM here in Brazil.

  25. Fitz

    Using the Oracle docs can be daunting. There’s a LOT in there and not always easy to find. We need another source written from the point of view of a new administrator trying to get a handle on OEM. There are many useful features that require some digging to find, no less be able to implement successfully and not disruptively.

    One of my first experiences with OEM 12c was an attempt to implement LDAP authentication. The OEM implementation via Weblogic is powerful and configurable, but complex and daunting to the LDAP novice. It took an SR and a webex to get it working. Also be aware that a mis-configured Weblogic security definition can cause Weblogic to be non-startable, and you need to start Weblogic ( or Oracle support assitance) to recover. Again, a plain-English , show me how to do it, point out the pitfalls kind of resource would be most appreciated.

  26. Vinit

    Thanks, your articles have been helpful for me in setting up EM12c Agents , especially where Internet is not enabled on the OMS due to Security Issues.

    Hope the book covers more aspects of Security and Software Library (  in detail



  27. Pramod

    Thanks  a lot.

    Your blog helped me to setup Oracle Ops center in my environment. I was referring your article and everything was so easy.  It is the first time, I am coming across your blog and like it.



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