How to Read Web Pages Using utl_http.request_pieces

UTL_HTTP package provides easy to use methods to fetch data from web using http protocol. Today, one of my co-workers complained that “utl_http.request” method returns only a small part of the web page instead of full html. She says she already uses it to fetch from other web pages without any problem. The utl_http.request method returns the requested page as a single string. When I check the documents, I see that it intentionally returns only first 2000 characters, and we should use “utl_http.request_pieces” method if we need to fetch more than 2000 characters. The UTL_HTTP.REQUEST_PIECES returns “utl_http.html_pieces” which is defined as a PLSQL table of 2000 character strings:

So I created a small function to demonstrate how we can fetch a web page using utl_http.request_pieces:

And tested it:

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  1. rohan

    when I tried to run

    I get anĀ  error

    unknown command beginning “TYPE html_…” – rest of line ignored.

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