Book Review: Managing IaaS and DBaaS Clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Managing IaaS and DBaaS Clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c I try to read and review all books about Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (EM12c). The last one I read is, “Managing IaaS and DBaaS Clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c”. As you can understand from the name, the book focuses mainly on how you can build and manage IaaS and DBaaS using EM12c and it is about only 110 pages. The author, Ved Antani works as Technical Director with Electronic Arts. While reading the book, you may feel that all topics are approached with a perspective of a software developer not by a system (database) administrator.

List of chapters:

  1. Setting Up Enterprise Manager: As expected, the book starts with the installation chapter about EM12c but unexpectedly, it doesn’t cover how to set up EM12c step by step. It doesn’t give any details, only covers the concepts.
  2. Infrastructure as a Service: One of the best chapters of the book, it covers almost all topics about registering and using Oracle VM Manager, but still lack of some information such as installing required plugins.
  3. Database as a Service: In this chapter, the author explains how to build a DBaaS. The topics are organized to build any PaaS. It includes registering/creating storage servers, and give some information about chargeback system
  4. Enterprise Monitoring: This chapter covers the topics to build an automated monitoring system using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Incident handling is also mentioned in this chapter.
  5. Cloud APIs: Most interesting and promising chapter is surely “cloud APIs”, but unfortunately this chapter doesn’t go into details but just give some sample RESTful calls and JSON results.

You should have hands-on experience on managing Oracle VM and Oracle Databases to follow the book efficiently. The book could give more details about the subjects but still can help you to build IaaS. You can order the book from Packt Publishing website.

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AWS Big Data Specialist. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for EBS R12, Oracle 10g and 11g. Co-author of "Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c" book published by Apress. Awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for the continuous contributions to the Oracle users community. Founding member, and vice president of Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG). Presented at various international conferences including Oracle Open World.

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  1. Gokhan,

    Thanks for sharing your analysis of the book. The cloud services model in OEM is fairly new and any insight on it is helpful. I am currently engaged in a IaaS and DBaaS build with a customer and both OVM, OEM, and Databases skillsets required. Furthermore, a holistic approach to how the different parts and pieces (of the Cloud) will work together.

    Once done, I hope to share my experience as well with a (hopefully) brief post!



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