Tips And Tricks For Installing Oracle Internet Directory

One of our customer needed to integrate OID with Siebel, and they asked me to install OID on a test server. I probably encountered all possibly errors during the installation but completed it successfully. Here are some tips for the ones who’re planning to install OID:

  • Use JRockit instead of regular Java. Install it before you install Weblogic. So Weblogic will detect and use it.
  • Make sure that you have enough RAM (and swap). Weblogic needs a lot of RAM (and may need swap).
  • Be sure that you do not have a “non-working http proxy configuration”. You don’t need internet access to install OID, but if you set a non-working http_proxy, opmnctl will not work and your configuration step will fail.
  • Download and install OID patchset – You can directly install OID from this patchset, you don’t need to install and then upgrade it.
  • OID configuration tool can create the ODS schemas, so you don’t need to download and use RCU (repository creation utility) but RCU tool is still useful to clean ODS schemas in case you need to re-configure OID (after a failed configuration attempt).
  • First install only the software, then configure it using OID_HOME/bin/

If the configuration step fails:

  1. Stop weblogic (kill all weblogic process)
  2. Remove domain entry from MW_HOME/domain-registry.xml
  3. Remove domain entry from WLS_HOME/common/nodemanager/
  4. Remove MW_HOME/user_projects/applications/IDMDomain
  5. Remove MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/IDMDomain
  6. Remove instance folder MW_HOME/asinst_1
  7. Drop ODS schemas using RCU (or drop ODS and ODSSM schemas and related tablepaces manually)
  8. Start nodemanager and run again

You can find configuration logs in Oracle Inventory installation logs. Do not forget to check “out” files if you encounter an error. I’ll not write a step by step guide for installation, because I found an OTN video to show you the steps.

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