A Short Script to List Mappings of ASM Disks to Physical Devices

I got a warning mail from our Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, it says “Disk Device emcpowere1 is 98.468% busy.”. I logged into the server to see the busy disk. There were no related mount point points so it should be used by ASM, but because we use ASMLIB, I needed to query each ASM disk to see which physical device it’s mapped to.

If you have a few disks, it won’t take time to check each disk using “oracleasm querydisk -p” but we have over 10 disks so I wrote a short script to query all ASM disks:

I’m sure this script can be converted to a one-liner but I would prefer “readable” scripts. By the way, I used “head -2” to eliminate additional disk aliases, otherwise script could produce such an output:

After I wrote the script, I checked My Oracle Support and see that there was a better script using “kfed” tool. You may check MoS Doc ID 1098682.1 to get the script.

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