Enterprise Manager 12c: Failed Jobs

After I added some database targets to my Enterprise Manager 12c, an incident opened for failed jobs on a newly added database. We have some jobs scheduled to run every 5 minutes on that database, and of course we have some error-handling and alerting mechanism which will notify us if any of them fails, so there shouldn’t be any failed job. I checked run logs of all the scheduler jobs to see if there are any failed runs, and also old-style jobs if there are any broken one. Everything seems OK so I waited Enterprise Manager to pool failed jobs again but the incident stays open. Then I wondered how Enterprise Manager checks the failed jobs. I see that it uses the following query:

So instead of checking if any scheduler job recently failed, it just checks “failure_count” of scheduler jobs. Although those jobs haven’t failed for months, these counters are not reset automatically unless you disable/enable or recreate the job. So I have used DBMS_SCHEDULER.DISABLE and DBMS_SCHEDULER.ENABLE for the jobs which have failed once. It did reset failure_count(s) of the scheduler jobs and the incident is closed automatically.

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  1. Allan Soares

    That´s an off-topic commentary , but I really want to know your toughts.

    The new release of OVM , 3.3.1, is not yet certificated with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control ( or any other). This should be advertised by oracle, because like me, there must be a lot of people who simply lost their OVM management interface through EM.

    -1 for Oracle for releasing a version not certificated with their own products.

    Thankyou for your posts.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Allan, I agree with you. In my opinion, Oracle should release the required EM plugin whenever it releases the product. I wonder if you can manage OVM 3.3.1 with the current OVM plugin although it’s not certified. Maybe newest features couldn’t be managed by an non-certified/old plugin but it may be still useable?

    • Gary Niu

      I faced this issue today, bad new is ovm3.3.1 can’t work with oem12.1.0.4. You can registered ovm manager, but can’t discovery or synchronized anything!

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