Simple Query to Check if Your EM12c Plugins Are Uptodate

It’s recommended to use latest plugins with EM12c (to minimize bugs, better support for new releases of target etc), and you probably set notifications to get mails about plugin updates, but sometimes you just ignore them because you don’t have time. So you may want to check if any plugins you use have updates. It’s possible to do it using EM12c web interface. All you need is to go to “self update” page, click on “plugin updates” and then sort the list by plug-in name.


Unfortunately you need to check each plugin if you really use it (deployed), compare the version numbers (EM12c lists all versions including previous ones!) to see if you need updates. So I wrote a simple query which will list the plugins if yours deployed plugins are outdated. Login to repository database with SYSMAN and issue the following query:

If it doesn’t return any rows, it means all of the plugins which you deployed, are uptodate. Of course, I assume that you already set up My Oracle Support credentials and the “Refresh Updates from Oracle” job runs periodically.

Sample result:


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  1. Emir Vallejo

    Hi, Gokhan Atil

    you have a query to generate the availability data of an instance in a given time range as seen by cloud control 12 by clicking on the up arrow shown in Targets > databases

    • Gokhan Atil

      Emir, unfortunately I do not access to an Enterprise Manager Cloud Control right now, so I won’t be able to help you.

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