How to Download EM12c R5 Installation Files Using Wget

Although EM12c R5 ( was released about 2.5 months ago, I couldn’t find time to upgrade our EM12c system until now. I have decided to dedicate my day for upgrading our EM12c. I’m not planning to write a step by step document because it’s already documented well by other bloggers. I’ll just share my notes if I encounter any problem.

I have probably told several times that EM12c should have some internet access, at least, it should be able to reach My Oracle Support website. Luckily, our server has direct-access to the internet (not accepting any incoming connection requests), so I’ll download the installation files directly to the server. Because I like tricky things, I’ll use “wget” instead of an internet browser. I got a sample wget script from Oracle Support Website to download patches, and then modified it to download EM12c files. The script may be helpful if you’re planning to install EM12c to a remote server which you do not have X windows access.

As I said, the script is based on Oracle’s own wget script. I made only a few modifications. First, I needed to modify “–secure-protocol=auto” to “–secure-protocol=TLSv1”. Somehow, secure-protocol=auto didn’t work on our server. Then, I examined the download page of EM12c to find the URLs of installation zips (which belongs to Linux x86-64), and the cookie value which shows that we accept the license agreement (you know you should accept the license agreement to be able to download these files). I modified the script to use the cookie and fetch the correct files. Here’s the script:


Let me know if it works for you! By the way, you should enter your SSO login and password to be able to download the installation files.

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  1. Freek


    What I usually do is use the cliget addon for firefox.
    This way you can connect to the website from your own client and instead of downloading the file it will generate the wget or curl command that you can execute on the server.

    This even works on MOS, as you already logged on from your client and the command includes the authentication part (but this is only valid for a limited time period).

    This also means that there is no need to put scripts with my password in it on the server

    • Gokhan Atil

      Thanks for your feedback, Freek! By the way, I can modify the script to ask for user and password.

  2. Alan Counihan

    Upgraded from to today. Hit one issue on admin server

    “ the plug-in start oracle management service has failed its perform method “

    Just did the following on admin server and the upgrade continued

    emctl stop oms -all –force

    emctl start oms

    I never recall having to run the installer on each OMS node. Has this always been the case?

    • Gokhan Atil

      Hi Alan, yes you need to run the installer on each OMS node. As I remember, it was always like this 🙂

  3. Olga

    Dont Worry abt Oracle Forms Issue :Step 1 : Go to Control panel -> Internet Options (or) Open Internet Explorer -> Tools ->Internet OptionStep 2 : In Advance tab-> ResetStep 3 : Install Jinitiator version mothrean 1.3Step 4 : Replace the jvm.dll file from the location[C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot] with another jvm.dll file from the oracle forms working machine.Step 5: Try to open form now, it wil take sometime to open inbetween it will ask you to install java.Hope this will work for you

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