Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Initial Setup Console

When I was trying to discover the new features of EM13c, I noticed that EM13c provides you a new console called the Initial Setup Console. If you’re new to Enterprise Manager, you may wonder if you configured EM properly. The initial setup console is a great starting point to set up Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. You can reach this console under the setup menu.


It will help you to perform the following tasks:

  • Configuring Oracle Software Library Using the Initial Setup Console to Store Software Entities
  • Configuring Proxies for OMS-to-Management Agent Communication
  • Configuring Proxies Using the Initial Setup Console for OMS-My Oracle Support Communication
  • Adding Additional Oracle Management Service Using the Initial Setup Console
  • Configuring Outgoing Mail Servers (SMTP Servers) Using the Initial Setup Console
  • Registering My Oracle Support Credentials Using the Initial Setup Console
  • Creating Users Using the Initial Setup Console
  • Creating Roles Using the Initial Setup Console

You don’t need to complete all tasks. You can ignore any task, and complete them whenever you want (for example adding additional OMS). It doesn’t seem like an important feature but I think it will be really helpful you to configure your Enterprise Manager Cloud Control environment. By the way, this console is only available to super administrators.

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  1. Mary

    Hi Gokhan,
    I am new in EM. I am trying to setup different EM groups in EM13c Console. Currently there is SYSMAN. I want to create DBA, DEVELOPER, READ-ONLY groups and connect them with different privileges and associate the groups to users. SYSMAN will not be used most of time and create EMADMIN similar to SYSMAN. I have tight schedule and unfortunately our company cannot afford to pay for me training. I have been reading reference books and watching youtube. I don’t see anything that is similar to what I want.
    Please direct me where I can find those information to configure it. In fact, if you what is the best practice, that would be awesome.

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