Which Management Packs are Required for Using the Notifications Feature from Cloud Control?

Sending notification emails shouldn’t require any licenses right? Unfortunately it might be more complicated than it seems

As you know Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides a web interface called web console, and (naturally) it consists of web pages that enables you to access the features of Enterprise Manager Framework. Some of these features (mostly the basic ones) are free but some of them require you to buy management pack licenses. When you’re not sure if the page you accessed requires a management pack license, you can check it by clicking “Packs for this Page” (setup > management packs). It will show you a popup and list the required management packs. It’s also possible to enable annotations. When annotations are enabled, Enterprise Manager indicates licensed links by showing an abbreviation for a pack beside the licensed link. I noticed that there’s an interesting problem with using the notification feature of Enterprise Manager. In EM12c, when you check the required licenses for the notification feature/page, you’ll see that it requires almost all management packages. And according to the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1936531.1, the required management packs for notifications feature are listed correctly!


In my humble opinion, the notifications feature should not require any management pack licenses as long as it will be used for sending notifications for basic monitoring and incident handling. The interesting thing is, in EM13c, some of the notifications feature pages are divided to multiple pages and it seems basic notification features do not need management pack licenses anymore.


So in EM13c, if you don’t customize notification emails or notification schedule, and don’t use SNMPv1 traps, the notifications feature doesn’t require management pack licenses. I hope someone from Oracle confirms that the notifications feature doesn’t need any of these licenses at all. Or at least, the notifications feature of EM12c is licensed same to EM13c.

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  1. Markus

    Seems that every kind of notification still requires Diagnostic Pack:


    Oracle Diagnostics Pack:

    Notifications that define and use different notification methods including e-mail, running custom OS scripts, PL/SQL procedures and SNMP traps; repeat notifications, use of notification-related actions in incident rule sets, administrator notification schedules.

    • Gokhan Atil

      Markus, thank you very much for your contribution! As you said, it seems it requires the diagnostic pack but what about the targets that you can’t buy diagnostic pack for? You know you can set incidents for any metric (even for vanilla OS target), and you can make EM send notification mails for these targets. How can we buy diagnostic packs for them?

  2. Jacob

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