OUGF Harmony 16 Spring Conference

Last week I took part in the OUGF (Oracle User Group Finland) Harmony 16 Spring Conference. It was a two day event, and held in Helsinki, between May 18th and 19th. In the conference, I gave two speeches: “Essential Linux commands for DBAs” and “Enterprise Manager 13c for DBAs”. Most people expect to me to speak about Enterprise Manager but in my first session, I spoke about the tools which can be used for monitoring Linux performance (i.e. sar, pidstat, top), profilers and tracing tools.


In my second session, I spoke about the features of Enterprise Manager for database administrators. I think people enjoyed my sessions, because I got good questions and positive feedback from the audience. By the way, thanks Ann Sjökvist for the photo.

The Harmony conference had great sessions and most of the sessions were in English. I tried to attend to all sessions, learned a lot of good stuff, meet new people, had good conversations with my friends, so everything went great for me. I hope OUGF community also enjoyed the event as much as I do. The OUGF Management did a good job.


with Nassyam Basha, Julian Dontcheff, Osama Mustafa


with Osama Mustafa, Luis Marques and Syed Zaheer


with Piet de Visser and Maris Elsins


One of the speakers, Frank Dernoncourt made a mall surprise to us, and showed he’s also a talented artist. He really plays piano well. By the way, he looks very serious in the photo, but he’s a cheerful person in real life.


At the end of the first day of the conference, OUGF organized a dinner for attendees and speakers. We had a good meal with wine while listening nice music. After the dinner, we played “room escape” game. There were 3 groups, and each group consist of a random mixture of database administrators, developers and architects. Very talented guys to solve logical puzzles, but at the end, none of the groups escaped from the rooms 🙂 It was a very different experience and I really liked it!

Although OUGF management invited me, I missed the speakers dinner on Tuesday, but fortunately I stayed 2 more days after the conference so I found time for city sightseeing with my wife.


We visited Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki Cathedral, Kamppi Chapel, Market Square, Senate Square and Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral. It was my first time to visit Helsinki, and I found it wonderful.

I put my presentations to the slideshare, here you can check them:

I also published a report about twitter statistics of OUGF, you can find it here: OUGF Harmony 2016 Spring Conference Twitter Statistics

Thank you OUGF! Hope to see you next year!

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