Book Review: Oracle Database Cloud Cookbook with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c

13cCoverLatest Last week, I had a chance to read the latest book of my friend Porus Homi Havewala. If you’re interested in Oracle Enterprise Manager, you already knew him or at least read one of his articles/blog posts. He’s a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Oracle Enterprise Manager Technology, Oracle Certified Master (OCM) and Oracle ACE Director. Porus created one of the world’s first blogs dedicated to Enterprise Manager (, and he is the author of the books, “Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (published by Rampart)” and “Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Centre Chaos (published by PACKT)”.

His latest book also focus about Oracle Enterprise Manager and titled as “Oracle Database Cloud Cookbook with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c“. It’s a cookbook so the readers will get fast recipes to build your Hybrid Database Cloud using EM13c.

The book has 382 pages and there are 8 chapters:

1) Consolidation Planning for the Cloud: This chapter focuses on two tools offered by the Enterprise Manager: The Host Consolidation Planner and the Database Consolidation Workbench. In this chapter, you’ll see sample usage of both tools.

2) Database as a Service: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers many capabilities for Oracle’s private database cloud services. In this chapter, Porus explains how to create the required PaaS infrastructure, database pool, self-service portal and configure chargeback. All topics are explained with samples and screenshots. Specially the PaaS infrastructure is very important because it provides the base platform for all software services.

3) Schema as a Service: The foundation of this service is a schema pool of pre-created Oracle Database instances. In this chapter, we can see how to set up schema pools, quotas, data profiles, service templates, request settings, and, optionally, chargeback plans. Schema as a Service can be very useful for mid-sized companies.

4) Pluggable Database as a Service: Multi-tenant architecture and Pluggable Databases are one of the top features of Oracle 12c. Enterprise Manager also supports Pluggable Database as a Service. In this chapter, Porus shows us how to set up Pluggable Database Pool, set quotas and service templates and configure chargeback for PDBaaS.

5) Hybrid Database Cloud: Sooner or later, we will start to use Cloud Databases. As you may know, Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c can monitor and manage both Cloud and on-premise databases. This chapters covers the topics such as installing Entperirse Manager agents, discovering Cloud databases (to add our Enterprise Manager system), cloning databases between Cloud and on-premise.

6) Using the Cloud REST API: If our company doesn’t want to use the Enterprise Manager Self Service Portal, we can create our own self service portal using the Cloud REST API of Enterprise Manager. All samples are given as direct REST API calls using Postman REST client, so we do not need to know a specific programming language to understand the samples.

7) Managing Database Backups: Oracle Enterprise Manager enables centralized control of database backups. This chapter covers how we can use Oracle Enterprise Manager to set up and schedule RMAN backups (both incremental and full) for all the databases in a Cloud environment, and howe we can generate backup reports.

8) Managing Standby Databases: The web interface provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager for creating and managing Data Guard configurations is extremely easy to use. This chapter demonstrates how we can set up, manage, and monitor standby databases for any primary database using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c.

I can say that I really liked the book. It’s really easy to read and all topics are explained by detailed samples. Porus Havewala has a deep knowledge and experience about the subject so his instructions are very clear. It’s like following a workshop about building Database as a Services architecture on Cloud.

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