How to Create Storage Containers on the Oracle Cloud

When creating a Database Cloud Service, you have an option to select “cloud storage” as a backup destination. In this case, the database backups will be stored in “storage containers”. As I see, lots of Oracle Cloud users have problem with setting up storage containers as backup destination.

It’s possible to create a storage container before you create the database service or you can create it while provisioning the DB service. Whichever method you chose, you should first set up the Replication Policy.

Go to the home page of “Oracle Storage Cloud Service”, on the up right side, you’ll see the action menu button (). Click on it and set the replication policy. Be careful about choosing the data centers and replication policy, because the replication policy can not be changed once it is set!

In the same page, you can see a grayed out text box containing REST Endpoint. Copy this information (for me, it’s We’ll use it for creating storage containers.

So now we can create a database cloud service which will backup to storage containers. On the details page, we need to enter Cloud Storage Container name. We will add the name of our new container to the REST point of our Oracle Storage Cloud Service. For example:

We’ll also need to mark checked the Create Cloud Storage Container option. Then we can click next, review our responses and click create button to create the service.

If you want to create storage containers manually, you can use the Oracle Cloud Storage console. Its URL is My cloud storage center is EM2, so the URL of my cloud storage console is To be able to login, we need to enter the REST point of our Oracle Storage Cloud Service, and our cloud account credentials (as cloud storage username and password).

It has a very simple interface, just let you see the contents of the containers, delete unused containers and create new ones. In my next post, I’m planning to demonstrate how we can use REST calls to create storage containers.

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