Directory Structure and Locations of Important Trace and Log Files of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c

Because of the size and complexity of the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control software, while browsing through the folders on OMS server, you may feel confused and think that everything is in complete disorder. In fact, the directory structure of EM13c is quite simple. During EM13c installation (“advanced mode”), the installer expects you to enter the folder names:

  • Middleware home location (MW_HOME)
  • OMS instance base location (EM_INSTANCE_BASE)
  • Agent base location

Depending on your inputs, the installer will create a directory structure similar to the below one:

EM13c: How to Disable Autodiscovery (and Autopromotion) of Clusterware Managed Targets

After we upgraded EM13c, I encountered a problem about automatically promoted listener targets. Since EM12c, I do not add/promote listeners. In earlier versions of EM12c, I had weird problems while monitoring listeners on RAC systems (such as they are detected down although they’re up). Since then, I don’t monitor them (specially SCAN listeners). In EM12c, when I remove a listener, it doesn’t promoted again. With EM13c, I see that listeners are discovered and promoted automatically on each day. First I though, one of my team members accidentally add them, but then I see that it’s an automatic process. After a quick search on MoS, I didn’t find anything and opened a service request. After several mails, Oracle support staff told me that it’s an expected behavior, and I need to disable “autodiscovery” to prevent it (Doc ID 1522674.1) – I really don’t know how I couldn’t find it by myself, but even Oracle support guys spent 3 weeks to find the note 🙂

Which Management Packs are Required for Using the Notifications Feature from Cloud Control?

Sending notification emails shouldn’t require any licenses right? Unfortunately it might be more complicated than it seems

As you know Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides a web interface called web console, and (naturally) it consists of web pages that enables you to access the features of Enterprise Manager Framework. Some of these features (mostly the basic ones) are free but some of them require you to buy management pack licenses. When you’re not sure if the page you accessed requires a management pack license, you can check it by clicking “Packs for this Page” (setup > management packs). It will show you a popup and list the required management packs. It’s also possible to enable annotations. When annotations are enabled, Enterprise Manager indicates licensed links by showing an abbreviation for a pack beside the licensed link. I noticed that there’s an interesting problem with using the notification feature of Enterprise Manager. In EM12c, when you check the required licenses for the notification feature/page, you’ll see that it requires almost all management packages. And according to the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1936531.1, the required management packs for notifications feature are listed correctly!


How to Upgrade Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to EM13c

You have probably heard that Oracle released Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c on Friday. It’s the first product from Oracle with the number 13 in its release label. It seems Oracle doesn’t care about the bad luck of 13 🙂 The new version comes with great features and maybe the most significant one is the unification of hardware and software management. In Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, some of the important hardware management features of “Ops Center” have been included into the Cloud Control product. My company is not a beta tester of Enterprise Manager, so I wanted to upgrade our EM12c system as soon as possible to test the new features by myself. I upgraded our EM12c system yesterday. Well, as I expected, the upgrade process was easy but you should be careful about prerequisites. Carefully check the certification matrix (in My Oracle Support website) before you decide to upgrade your system! EM13c OMS requires Oracle as repository database, and EM13c agents don’t support Enterprise Linux earlier than version 6. We have redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x targets and our repository database was so I have upgraded our repository database and decided to use the “old agents” with EM13c until we upgrade our servers to Enterprise Linux 6.x.

Please take a look at Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide, before you start upgrading and make sure that you have backed up the repository database and OMS! I’ll try to provide a step by step guide on upgrading EM12c to EM13c running on Linux system, but this is just to give you an idea about overall process, you should always read and follow the official guide.

Important addition from Sumesh: If you have the below obsolete plug-ins in your EM12.1.0.3/4/5 system, then undeploy them from OMS and Agent before proceeding with upgrade to EM13.1:

  • EMC Symmetrix Array (oracle.em.sesy)
  • EMC Celerra Storage (oracle.em.secs)
  • EMC CLARiiON Array (oracle.em.secl)
  • Microsoft Biz Talk Server (oracle.em.smbs)
  • Exalogic Elastic Cloud Infrastructure (oracle.em.soee)

Make sure the Repopsitory Database and OMS machine are in the same time zone. Eg. UTC or PDT. If the timezone is not same then, Upgrade will fail at ‘Plug-ins Prequisites check’ step.