Deploying Management Agent Using agentDeploy Script

In case, your target systems have no support for SSH, you can use agentDeploy script to deploy Management Agents. To be able to use this method, you need to create a user for management agent and create required directories and give permission to the Management agent user.

Let’s say we’ll create a group named “oinstall” and a user named “oracle” belongs to this group, and install the agent software to “/u01/agent”. Login as root user and issue the following commands:

Of course, I assume that you don’t have oracle user and oinstall group, and there’s no directory named “/u01/agent”. Instead of creating new user, group and directory, you can use an existing user, group and directory (if the directory is empty). Do not forget to check if OMS and target system can resolve each other’s host name!

Login to the OMS host as oracle user (again I assume you used oracle to install OMS), and log in to OEM using emcli:

How to Deploy Oracle Management Agent using RPM File

If you prefer RPM package management system to keep tracks of installed software on your systems, you can deploy Oracle Management Agent using RPM File.

First, you need to create “/usr/lib/oracle” on OMS server (if there is no such a directory). Login as root user and run the following commands:

Install the rpm-build package on the OMS host:

Switch to oracle user, and login to OEM using emcli as SYSMAN user:

List the platforms for which the Management Agent software is available on the OMS host:

How to Download New Agent Software for Oracle Cloud Control 12c in Offline Mode

In my opinion, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control server should be able to connect My Oracle Support. You may use a proxy if you don’t want it to have a direct connection. Sometimes, security policies do not allow your Cloud Control server connect internet in any way. In this case, you can use it in offline mode, and still can use self-update and patch management features.

First of all, you need to activate “offline” mode. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control will not switch to offline mode when it can connect to My Oracle Support. You need to switch it manually. Click “offline patching” under the “provisioning & patching” menu. Select “offline” for connection mode, and click “apply” button.

How to Uninstall the Agent Oracle Home that Registered with Inventory

A long title for a short trick. I have uninstalled my cloud control agent and tried to re-install it. I gave the same directory I previously used to install and EM Cloud Control Agent Deploy Wizard gave an error at remote prerequisite check:

So it says I should deploy to a different directory or uninstall the Agent Oracle Home already registered. Because of our deployment standards, I need to deploy this agent to the same directory so I searched how I can uninstall the Agent Oracle Home.