How to Set Axis Max Value of AnyChart in APEX Dynamically

I just created a one-page APEX application to show performance chart of our main production server based on Active Session History data. We publish it on a big monitor so we can see the performance chart during the day. It’s not a big deal but it’s really useful. I used 2D stacked column chart and make the chart simple (contains only 3 colors: green for CPU, blue for user IO and orange for all other waits) like the ones you see on EM12c database home pages. Original chart:


Using APEX to Create a Mobile User Interface for Enterprise Manager 12c

On November 11th, I will be presenting at Oracle Day Istanbul. My presentation will be about creating a mobile interface (a simple application) using Application Express to access Oracle Enterprise Manager repository views (and some procedures) to manage incidents and problems. I know that there’s already an application for idevices, but my application is a web application designed for mobile (thanks to APEX), so it’s compatible with all devices. The sessions are short, only 30 minutes. So I will not go deep on technical details but I think it will be still enough to show what can be done with a small effort. By the way, here’s a simple animated GIF showing some screenshots of early version of my APEX application (Click on the below image to make the animation start):


Simple (demo) APEX Application in 2 mins

In Oracle Day 2011 Istanbul, I gave a presentation about Oracle APEX. APEX is not well-known in Turkey, so I wanted to demonstrate how fast an APEX Application can be created, and prepared a video. Unfortunately there are no sound and annotations (because it’s planned to be shown with a narrator) but I think it’s still easy to follow.

First, I created a sample table with 4 columns. APEX created the sequence and trigger to populate numbers for the primary key. Then I created a sample application with an input form, and run it to enter sample data. At last, I checked if data is inserted into the table (by using APEX user interface). All of these steps were completed in 2 minutes and 12 seconds:

The presentation is in Turkish, so I don’t see any point in sharing it here but it’ll be shared in TROUG web site.

Oracle Day 2011 Istanbul (Part II)

Yesterday, I presented at Oracle Day 2011 Istanbul. It was taken place in Swiss Hotel. I found opportunity to talk with my friends in TROUG and some readers of my blog. There was a huge interest to the event which contains 9 parallel sessions. As usual, our (TROUG) sessions were the favorites for the technical staff. Thanks to Oracle Turkey, we gave our presentations at one of the biggest conference rooms in Swiss Hotel, and we managed to fill the room.

Oracle Day 2011 Istanbul

Oracle Day 2011 Istanbul will be take place at Swiss Hotel, Istanbul on November 1st. It’s the most essential, can’t-miss business and technology event of the year. You will get a chance to see the latest development in Oracle’s public and private cloud computing solutions and how the power of simplicity can change your IT to a force that drives business innovation.

You can find the event details and register at Oracle Events Website.

Thanks to Oracle Turkey, 6 members of TROUG will be presenting in Oracle Day 2011. I’m one of them. I’ll give a presentation about Oracle Application Express. I’ll try to give a brief introduction about Oracle APEX in 30 minutes.

Here’s the agenda (in Turkish).

Presentations of TROUG Members:

  • Oracle Cloud G’nin Gidişi C’nin Gelişi by Zekeriya Besiroglu (Oracle ACE)
  • Data Mining in 30 Minutes by Husnu Sensoy (Oracle ACE Director, DBA of the year 2009) – Have I mentioned that each presentation will take only 30 mins? 🙂
  • Rapid Application Development Tool: Oracle APEX by Gokhan Atil (Oracle ACE)
  • What has Exadata changed? by Ferhat Sengonul (Oracle ACE)
  • Data Integration in Heterogeneous Environments by Gurcan Orhan – Gurcan is honored as Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 Enterprise Architect.
  • Forgotten Features by H. Tonguc Yılmaz (Oracle ACE)

6 presentations, 4 Oracle ACEs, 1 ACE Director, 1 Technologist of the Year: Too good to be true 🙂 All presentations of TROUG members will be in Turkish. I believe that it will be a wonderful event for all Turkish Oracle users.