How to Deploy Oracle Management Agent 12c

In my previous post, I tried to show how to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, now I’ll show how to add target hosts to our Enterprise Manager system. I assume that you’re in a similar position (installed Cloud Control but haven’t added any target yet).

As you know, we have to install Oracle Management Agent to the targets to be able to manage them via our Enterprise Manager. In OEM Cloud Control 12c, we can “Add Host Targets Wizard” which is accessible from the web interface. We can manually enter required information of host or we can use auto-discovery method.

If we’ll use auto discovery, we need an active agent to discover targets in network. This agent can scan local services or network. “Nmap” is used for scanning network. Nmap requires root privileges to be able to use raw sockets for “Syn Scanning” (a method to detect open ports through firewalls). So we need to configure “privilege delegation” in the host of our agent (which we’ll use for scanning).