Applying Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Bundle Patch 1 (Solaris) Part I

As you may know, EM12c BP1 was released for Solaris about 3 weeks ago. Our EM12c runs on Solaris, so I decided to apply it to our production system. To apply BP1 to EM12c environment, first we need to apply BP1 (and additional 1-2 patches) to OMS (Oracle Management Service), then apply some patches to deployed agents, and lastly, upgrade EM12c plug-ins (some of them may require additional patches to be applied to OMS). As you may guess, it’s not a piece of cake. Oracle recommends you to analyze how much effort you need to re-configure and re-deploy agents, and if it’s feasible, uninstall the existing Cloud Control and do a fresh installation.

These instructions are only valid (and tested) for EM12c running gon Solaris 10 (SPARC). You may need additional patches for Linux or AIX. My OMS is located in “/u03/oracle/Middleware/oms/”. My repository DB is “emrep” and located in a server named “erciyes”. Before I start to apply the patch, I stop all services by issuing the following command:

Important: Before you apply Bundle Patch 1, Oracle recommends to back up all EM components:

  • Management Repository Database (Highly Recommended!)
  • Middleware Home and EM domain
  • Instance Home where OMS is installed
  • Default Management Agent with OMS
  • Software Library
  • Oracle Inventory