Use Snowflake and Zepl to Analyse Covid-19 (coronavirus) Data

Coronavirus changed our life, most of us are stuck at home. We are trying to follow everything about the pandemic. So I wanted to write a blog post which will guide to configure an environment that you can examine covid-19 pandemic data. In this blog post, I will show you how you can set up your Snowflake trial account, enable access to covid-19 data provided by Starschema, and how you can use Zepl (Data Science Analytics Platform) to analyse this data.


Let’s start with setting up Snowflake trial account. Snowflake is a cloud data platform which is available on major public cloud provides (Amazon, Azure and Google). It provides a cloud-native Data Warehouse. Why am I saying “cloud-native”? Because it was not ported to cloud like many other data warehouse services. It’s designed and built to run on cloud. Therefore it uses underlying cloud services efficiently. I think this is enough for introducing Snowflake, you will be able to discover it by yourself after we set up the trial account.

To create a trial account, you need to visit page and fill a simple form. It does not require you to enter a credit card or any other payment method.