How to Download New Agent Software for Oracle Cloud Control 12c in Offline Mode

In my opinion, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control server should be able to connect My Oracle Support. You may use a proxy if you don’t want it to have a direct connection. Sometimes, security policies do not allow your Cloud Control server connect internet in any way. In this case, you can use it in offline mode, and still can use self-update and patch management features.

First of all, you need to activate “offline” mode. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control will not switch to offline mode when it can connect to My Oracle Support. You need to switch it manually. Click “offline patching” under the “provisioning & patching” menu. Select “offline” for connection mode, and click “apply” button.

How to Deploy EM Grid Control 11g Agent to a Windows Server 2008 (Step by step guide)

I have wrote about how to install EM Grid Control 11g in earlier post and also demonstrated how to deploy grid control agent to a linux box:

The agent deployment wizard of EM Grid Control is easy to use if you want to deploy your agents to Unix systems. It uses SSH connection to copy the files and setup the agent software. On the other hand, if your want to deploy your agent to a windows server, you need to get your hands a little bit dirty 🙂

I should say that this is not the only option to deploy agent, but I prefer to deploy the agents via EM Grid Control interface.

First we need to download the agent software which we’ll deploy to the target server. My target server is Windows Server 2008 32bit. So I’ll download the Oracle Management Agent ( for Microsoft Windows x86 (457,295,565 bytes):

If you have a My Oracle Support (MOS) account and entered these credentials to EM Grid Control, you don’t need to manually download this zip file, you can click to “deployments page” and then click “Download Agent Software”, select the agent and click download. It will create a job to download: