Customizing HTTPS Console and Upload Ports After Installing Enterprise Manager Grid/Cloud Control

One of my blog readers asked me how we can change the ports of Grid Control after install. Yes it’s possible to change the ports after installing EM Grid Control and it’s well documented for Enterprise Manager Cloud control. I tested if these steps are valid for Grid Control and it worked. I think no one uses insecure ports so I’ll show how I will set Oracle Enterprise Manager (secure) web site port to 8000 and “secure/https upload port” to 2000 on Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g:

First we need to stop OMS:

Then modify the port information in repository:

TROUG Day 2012

I’ll be speaking at Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG) Annual Meeting on Thursday (October 11th). The event will be held at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul. This year, we organized two parallel tracks. So both developers and DBAs will enjoy the event. Syed Jaffar Hussain (Oracle Certified Master, Oracle ACE Director) will make the keynote speech. Oracle ACEs from Turkey, Husnu Sensoy, Zekeriya Besiroglu, Talip Hakan Ozturk will also speak in this event. I’ll speak about how we can implement Database as a Service using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

Here’s the schedule:

To learn more about the event, you may visit: (in Turkish)

Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R1 ( to 12c R2 (

In my blog post about the release of EM12c R2, I told that I will test to upgrade my current EM12c, so here’s the blog post I promised: As you may know, Oracle offers only the 1-system upgrade method for EM12c R2. I started with backing up my EM12c R1 (+ BP1) environment (DB, OMS), then I downloaded EM12c R2 installation files.

I created a directory, moved the installation files there and then unzipped the files:

I logged in as SYSMAN to repository database and checked if the tables in the Management Repository do not have any snapshots created:

As you see there were no snapshots. According to the upgrade document, if there are snapshots, I should drop them. While my OMS is still running, I run the following command to copy EMKEY to repository database:

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2

I was not expecting new release before OOW, but Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R2 ( is released today. Below are some of the new features and enhancements coming with EM12c R2:

  • EM CLI Verbs Available in the Software Library
  • Enhanced Repository Page
  • New Oracle Management Service Page
  • Consolidated Agent Management Page
  • Incident Manager Updates (support for bulk operations)
  • Better support for Fusion Middleware, Cloud Management and Virtualization
  • Heterogeneous (Non-Oracle) Management (Metadata Plug-In Support)

Applying Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Bundle Patch 1 (Solaris) Part I

As you may know, EM12c BP1 was released for Solaris about 3 weeks ago. Our EM12c runs on Solaris, so I decided to apply it to our production system. To apply BP1 to EM12c environment, first we need to apply BP1 (and additional 1-2 patches) to OMS (Oracle Management Service), then apply some patches to deployed agents, and lastly, upgrade EM12c plug-ins (some of them may require additional patches to be applied to OMS). As you may guess, it’s not a piece of cake. Oracle recommends you to analyze how much effort you need to re-configure and re-deploy agents, and if it’s feasible, uninstall the existing Cloud Control and do a fresh installation.

These instructions are only valid (and tested) for EM12c running gon Solaris 10 (SPARC). You may need additional patches for Linux or AIX. My OMS is located in “/u03/oracle/Middleware/oms/”. My repository DB is “emrep” and located in a server named “erciyes”. Before I start to apply the patch, I stop all services by issuing the following command:

Important: Before you apply Bundle Patch 1, Oracle recommends to back up all EM components:

  • Management Repository Database (Highly Recommended!)
  • Middleware Home and EM domain
  • Instance Home where OMS is installed
  • Default Management Agent with OMS
  • Software Library
  • Oracle Inventory