How to Install Oracle Grid Control 11g (Step by Step Guide)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control is a tool to manage and monitor multiple instances of Oracle and non-Oracle platforms such as Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, NetApp Filers, BEA weblogic and others.

I’ll show how to install Oracle Grid Control 11g on Oracle Linux (32bit). Here are the main steps:

1) Installation of Oracle Linux (How to Install Oracle Linux 5.6)
2) Installation of Oracle Database (Repository Database)
3) Installation of Java and Weblogic Server (Middleware)
4) Installation of Grid Control
5) Installation of Grid Control Agent to a Target System

Installation of Oracle Database 11.2

After you install Oracle Linux, login as root and create the directories for Grid Control and other software we’ll install:

Because we installed oracle-validated package (How to Install Oracle Linux 5.6), user oracle and the related groups have been already created automatically. Password of the user Oracle is “oracle”. Login as oracle to the system, download the Oracle Database binaries. I’ll use but the steps will be for which you can download from

Unzip the files:

For regular (Linux x86):

Unzip will create a directory named “database”, go into this directory and run “./runInstaller”:

How to Change the Password of SYSMAN in EM Grid Control

You may want to change the password of SYSMAN user time to time because of security policies. OMS uses sysman account to login into the repository DB and if there is a mismatch in the password at the DB level and the configuration files, the OMS cannot start and function properly. So whenever you change the password of SYSMAN on the repository database of EM Grid Control, you need to update the configuration files.

Before, this was a manual process. You should stopp all the agent monitoring the Repository DB and the OMS instances that are associated with the repository:

Then you enter the password into the by changing the following lines: