Oracle Extreme Performance Tour in Istanbul

I attended to Oracle Extreme Performance Tour event in Istanbul, yesterday. It was a marketing event so I can’t say it was attractive for a tech-guy like me. On the other hand, I meet friends from Oracle, found some social networking opportunities and examined Oracle Database Appliance. So it was over my expectations.

Oracle Turkey chooses great places to host their events but this one is really amazing. The event was held at the Ciragan Palace. It’s a former Ottoman palace, now a five-star hotel. I just wanted to share some photos of this beautiful place:

Tracing Oracle Sessions

Tracing is invaluable for DBAs who want to solve performance problems. With trace data, you can follow all database calls and track the execution of a given set of SQL statements of a session. To gather trace at your own session, you can issue the following commands:

If you exit from your session or issue the following command, tracing will stop:

Trace files will be located in user_dump_dest:

If you use parallel queries then some of your trace files will be located in background_dump_dest: