Tips and Tricks for Installing Ops Center 12c R2 (PSU2)

In one of my old posts, I wrote a step by step guide to install Ops Center on Linux. I still get questions about installation, mostly about installing repository Database. So I have downloaded latest patch set version if anything has changed about installation, and decided to write tips and tricks to help Ops Center users. If you have read my previous blog, or you are already an Ops Center user, you may remember that Ops Center can create required Oracle users, and install Oracle Database by itself. You can see the Ops Center web site, that you need to follow My Oracle Support Document 1450669.1 to download to obtain Oracle Database 11g for Ops Center, and the MoS document says, you need to download files and put them into “/var/tmp/downloads” folder. I don’t know if these RPMs are still valid, the latest Ops Center seem to support So I recommend you to download Oracle (patch 13390677). You need to put the zips files into /var/tmp/downloads folder. After you copied files, the creation of users and setting up local repository database is totally automated by the Ops Center installer.

I always think that Ops Center is a very smart installer, and it can handle almost everything. On the other hand, instead of dealing errors/warnings while installing, I recommend you to use OCDoctor, a small utility to check prerequisites. Download the latest OCDoctor zip file, extract it and run it: