Oracle Patch Application Assistant and DISPLAY Variable

I installed EBS 12.1.3 to my laptop for testing purposes, and applied some patches. Although I carefully check the readme files of the patches, I wanted to be sure that I have followed post-installation tasks, so I tried to run Oracle Patch Application Assistant ( I got the following error:

Yes I know that it seems a very familiar problem for XWindow applications, but because I’ve logged in directly to XWindow, I shouldn’t get this error… Anyway, I checked if the DISPLAY variable is set, and see that it’s set to “:0.0” (as expected). All applications including Oracle Database Tools was working without error.

mth_pre_upgrade.sql Failed While Applying EBS Patch 9239090

This error may occur when you try to re-apply the patch 9239090 (EBS 12.1.3), because the mth_pre_upgrade.sql tries to create a table named “MTH.MTH_RESOURCES_D_TEMP” without checking if it exists. All you need is to drop that table and restart the worker. Connect your database as sys/system, and issue the command:

Then run adctrl, enter 2 (Tell worker to restart a failed job), and then enter the number of the failed worked. ADPatch will continue to apply the patch.