Configuring Oracle SQL Developer for PostgreSQL

I see that some people wonder if Oracle SQL Developer can be used with PostgreSQL. I wrote a blog post to show how you can configure Oracle SQL Developer to connect Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. You can use the same method to configure SQL Developer for PostgreSQL. First we need to download a compatible JDBC driver from PostgreSQL site. Latest version of SQL Developer uses JDK 1.7, so we can download the JDBC41 Postgresql Driver:


Then we open Oracle SQL Developer, open preferences, database section and third party JDBC driver.

How to Install Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu

I’ve installed Ubuntu to my laptop (another try to live with Linux), and now trying to organize useful stuff. I wanted to install Oracle SQL Developer and couldn’t find an up-to-date document about it, so decided to write one (which will be use most straight forward steps).

First we download Oracle SQL Developer from Oracle website. You know Ubuntu uses Debian’s package manager: APT. So we should download the zip file (distributed for “Other Platforms”) instead of RPM file.

After the download completed, just extract it to a directory. Your home directory would be fine. To extract, you can use the archive manager (integrated to file manager): after moving the file to your home directory, right click over the file and select extract. Or you can just use “unzip” command.

Oracle SQL Developer and jTDS Incompatibility

Some readers commented that, after they add JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server to their SQL Developer, the “New Connection” window (of SQL Developer) doesn’t open at all. I have downloaded the latest Java (1.6), SQL Developer and added jTDS driver then I have the same problem. I tried to debug the problem with my limited Java knowledge and I think there’s an incompatibility between jTDS and Java 1.6.

Oracle recommends to use Java 1.6 for SQL Developer so instead of trying Java 1.7, I tried to find the latest compatible version of jTDS and luckily I found it on my first try. So to fix the problem, all you need is to download and use 1.2.7 version of jTDS:

Then you’ll be able to connect to Ms SQL Server or Sybase with your Oracle SQL Developer. For more information about using SQL Developer with Ms SQL Server and MySQL, please read my related blog post.

Configuring Oracle SQL Developer for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL

Most of DBAs I know, use TOAD for doing daily tasks, but I prefer Oracle SQL Developer. In my opinion, it has 3 important advantages against TOAD:

  • It’s platform-independent: Although I use Windows on my laptop now, I’m a big fan of Linux and Solaris, and I don’t like being dependent on a specific OS. Thanks to Java, Oracle SQL Developer is platform-independent.
  • It supports multiple databases: You can use SQL Developer for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, TimesTen, DB2 and (of course) Oracle.
  • It’s extendible: Yes I know that there are not too much documents about it, but it’s extensible. For example, check FourthElephant’s extensions for SQL Developer:

TOAD has a better interface because of using native Windows components but you can get used to SQL Developer if you spend time on it. Anyway, this blog has nothing to do with comparing SQL Developer and TOAD. I’ll just show how to configure SQL Developer to connect Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.