Segmentation Fault When Running Sqlplus and Tnsping From R12 10gR2 ORACLE_HOME

My co-worker has encountered a “Segmentation Fault” error while he tried to run sqlplus on a newly installed server which will host E-Business Suite R12 database. After a short search on My Oracle Support, he found MOS Document ID 1480089.1. Although this document explains the reason of the error, it seems there’s a missing step about the solution.

The MOS document says, compat-oracle-el5-1.0-5 RPM is installed but it shouldn’t be. This RPM causes, 10.1 executables (it seems it would affect any Oracle DB software version) are not being relinked correctly (they are not relinked with the -m32 parameter). So MOS asks to uninstall compat-oracle-el5-1.0-5, and my co-worker uninstalled the RPM but he still got the error.

It’s obvious that uninstall is not enough to fix the problem because the Oracle binaries are not linked correctly. So we need to relink the all Oracle binaries:

Another option would be re-install Oracle database software but relinking is a much faster.