TROUG Day Ankara 2014

poster_ankara14As Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG), we will organize our second meeting in Ankara on December 23rd. The event will be held at the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO). The main theme of the meeting is Oracle 12c. There will be 4 sessions about new features of Oracle 12c (Database In-Memory, Active Data Guard, RAC and Flex ASM and Multitenancy). I usually do presentations about Enterprise Manager but this time, I have picked a more popular subject, and will do a presentation about Oracle Database In-Memory. I’ll talk about why memory is faster (so obvious right?), buffer cache, columnar storage technology, competitive products and why Oracle’s in-memory is different.

There will be also interesting sessions about BI/DW, PL/SQL, Database Security and Database Administration.

TROUG Ankara Meeting

Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey with more than 15 million population, and the largest companies of Turkey are located in Istanbul. So as you may expect, Istanbul is the heart of IT industry and most TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) members are located there. Therefore we (TROUG) preferred to organize our own events in Istanbul (and gave only a few presentations at the universities outside Istanbul). This year, we decided to expand our boundaries and give a chance to Ankara (the capital city of Turkey). We organized a user meeting yesterday. It was a full-day event and took place in TOBB University of Economics and Technology. In this event, I gave the keynote speech and tried to explain the reasons to join a user group. I also made a presentation about Enterprise Manager 12c: ASH Analytics.

Turkish Oracle Users Came Together at TROUG Day 2012

On October 11th (last Thursday), more than 150 Turkish Oracle Users came together at TROUG Day 2012. It was held at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul. In my opinion, Bahçeşehir University is a great place to host these kind of events. They have great conference rooms, and it’s very easy to reach to the campus because of its centralized location.

This year, we asked Syed Jaffar Hussain (OCM, Oracle ACE Director, and DBA of the year 2011) to come and make our keynote speech. Syed Jaffar is very kind and friendly, and we all pleased to see them in Turkey. After his very detailed and interesting presentation about new features of Oracle 11gR2, DBA and Developer tracks started in different conference rooms. On DBA track, Husnu Sensoy took the stage and spoke about how to design a design for a million TPS.

Turkish Oracle User Group DBA SIG Meeting

I’ll be speaking at Turkish Oracle User Group DBA SIG Meeting on May 31th. As expected, I’ll talk about Enterprise Manager and try to explain how we can use Enterprise Manager as a performance tuning tools and troubleshot performance issues.

Here’s the schedule:

13:00-13:15 Key Note
13:15-14:00 About Data Masking – Zekeriya Besiroglu
14:00-14:15 Coffee Break
14:15-15:00 Performance Tuning with Enterprise Manager – Gokhan Atil
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-16:00 Oracle Partitioning – Kamil Türkyilmaz
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break
16:15-17:00 Analyzing Trace Files – Ugur Inal

More information (in Turkish):

Real World Performance Tour: Istanbul, Turkey

I attended Real World Performance Tour, yesterday. TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) organized the event under the sponsorship of the Oracle Turkey. Although it was snowing, there were about 100 attendees. Well known Oracle experts Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood presented a 6 hour seminar in a conversational format.

Some of the topics:

  • Database connections
  • SQL statement parsing
  • Set based operations rather than row by row processing
  • Queuing
  • Proper use of indexes
  • Understanding JOINs