How to Install Oracle 11gR2 XE on Ubuntu

I wanted to import a datapump dumpfile to my laptop, and I wondered if I can install Oracle XE to ubuntu guest. I thought it would be easy because I installed Oracle 10g XE to ubuntu for several times, but I saw that Oracle doesn’t provide debian packages for Oracle 11g XE. So I needed to convert the RPM to debian package (and fix incompatibility problems). Therefor, I installed “alien” package and other required tools using apt-get:

Then I downloaded the zipped RPM (, unzipped it:

How to Install Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu

I’ve installed Ubuntu to my laptop (another try to live with Linux), and now trying to organize useful stuff. I wanted to install Oracle SQL Developer and couldn’t find an up-to-date document about it, so decided to write one (which will be use most straight forward steps).

First we download Oracle SQL Developer from Oracle website. You know Ubuntu uses Debian’s package manager: APT. So we should download the zip file (distributed for “Other Platforms”) instead of RPM file.

After the download completed, just extract it to a directory. Your home directory would be fine. To extract, you can use the archive manager (integrated to file manager): after moving the file to your home directory, right click over the file and select extract. Or you can just use “unzip” command.

VirtualBox: Failed to Create Host-only Network Interface on Ubuntu Linux

After I installed Ubuntu to my Laptop, I began to install my favorite applications. Everything went smooth. One of my favorite application is VirtualBox. I’m big fan of it, and I use it on both Windows and Linux systems. All of my virtual machines are created on VirtualBox. So I installed VirtualBox, copied a virtual machine from my backup storage and just before run the virtual machine, I remembered that I need to set up IP address of the host-only network. I opened the network tab in VirtualBox settings and I couldn’t see any Host-Only networks (there should be one in default). So I clicked to “Add Host-Only Network” button and got a strange error:

I haven’t seen this error before. I have checked if “/dev/vboxnetctl” exists, and unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s obvious that the “vboxnetctl” file should be a part of VirtualBox software but it wasn’t there. One of the good thing of VirtualBox is, you can do everything using command line. So I tried to add host-only network using command line, and this time I see “a warning message” before the error: