OMS Upgrade Fails At Repository Configuration With Error ORA-20251

Yesterday, one of my blog readers asked me how I didn’t encounter ORA-20251 error when upgrading my EM12c to EM13c. He also pointed My Oracle Support document (Doc ID 2095025.1). The document says a new record will be inserted into EM_COST_CENTERS table (in fact the table name is EM_COST_CENTERS_E but it’s not important) for all users whose department value is not blank during the upgrade. If there are more than one records with blank cost center then the second record will be considered as duplicate, resulting in the above error during the repository configuration.

Here’s the sample output:

I asked my reader to examine the EM users and he said there are not any EM users whose department value is not blank. So today, I examined the upgrade script and see that it’s not just about the department value. The upgrade scrip also tries to insert new “cost center” records for the users whose Line of business value is not blank.

How to Upgrade Sybase IQ 16 to 16.0.10 (SP10)

Sybase-IQ-Box-300x314Yesterday, I did my first Sybase IQ upgrade. I upgraded our main datawarehouse from Sybase IQ 16 to 16 SP10. The process was easy: Stop the database instance, install the new software, start the instance (from new software home), run an SQL to upgrade the metadata. Although the process was easy, I had some unexpected problems so I wanted to my notes in case you may need to upgrade your Sybase IQ.

You have probably heard it a thousand times but here I’ll say it again: Read the manual! Then open a ticket (or call) to Sybase support and ask questions about upgrading process. The process is very easy but it’s not documented well. Maybe I feel like this because I’m used to read Oracle’s word-class manuals. I’m serious. Oracle provides best manuals compared to the other Database vendors.

Second mandatory warning: Before you start to upgrade operation, make sure you have a valid backup of database.

Make sure that your license file is compatible with the software version you’ll install. You may need to generate an uptodate SySAM License! You can also contact Sybase suport and ask them to send you a compatible license file.

Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R1 ( to 12c R2 (

In my blog post about the release of EM12c R2, I told that I will test to upgrade my current EM12c, so here’s the blog post I promised: As you may know, Oracle offers only the 1-system upgrade method for EM12c R2. I started with backing up my EM12c R1 (+ BP1) environment (DB, OMS), then I downloaded EM12c R2 installation files.

I created a directory, moved the installation files there and then unzipped the files:

I logged in as SYSMAN to repository database and checked if the tables in the Management Repository do not have any snapshots created:

As you see there were no snapshots. According to the upgrade document, if there are snapshots, I should drop them. While my OMS is still running, I run the following command to copy EMKEY to repository database:

Best Practices to Use Database Upgrade Assistant

I’m going to upgrade one of our main databases with DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant), and I take some notes to provide a smooth upgrade. Upgrading your database with DBUA seems a very easy and automated task but there are three important points you should consider when updating:

  • Downtime: You would probably like to keep downtime to a minimum
  • Errors while upgrading: It’s not possible to re-run DBUA if an error is encountered mid-upgrade!
  • Performance Degradations: Most of the upgrade problems appear as performance degradations after the upgrade operation completed

So you need to carefully evaluate, plan, configure, test and implement the upgrade.

PLAN: First of all, I recommend you to visit the upgrade guides and plan all steps of the upgrade process:

Upgrade Advisor: Database from 9.2 to 11.2 [ID 264.1]
Upgrade Advisor: Database from 10.2 to 11.2 [ID 251.1]

RTFM: Although everyone says the same, we all intend to pass this step. Read the manuals before it’s too late 🙂

Very important and useful documents:

Oracle 11gR1 Upgrade Companion [ID 601807.1]
Oracle 11gR2 Upgrade Companion [ID 785351.1]

Use Internet Explorer to read upgrade companion documents (because they are interactive and requires IE) and don’t forget to check “behavior changes”!

Upgrading Oracle RAC Database to (Grid + DB)

A new patchset for Oracle 11.2 has been released. This patchset is a full installation of the Oracle Database software. So you don’t need to install before installing You can read the complete list of new features of from here:

I downloaded the patchset and wanted to upgrade my 2-node RAC database. It’s just a test database running on VirtualBox. Latest PSU and GI PSU (12419331 and 12419353) are already applied. Before I upgrade the database, I have also applied patch 12539000. Installer checks if this patch is applied. It seems it’s an important patch because it fixes a bug directly related with upgrade process (Bug 12539000 – 11203:ASM UPGRADE FAILED ON FIRST NODE WITH ORA-03113).

The patchset contains 7 zip files but we need only the first 3 zip files to upgrade our grid and database.

First I’ll upgrade the grid infrastructure, then I’ll update the DB. Before you upgrade your database, I recommend you to read “Master Note For Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations” MOS ID 1152016.1.

As you know, starting from oracle 11gR2, the Oracle DB and grid upgrades are done via the “out of place upgrade”. So I switch to root user, create a new directory for the Oracle software: