Installing EM13c Agents on Microsoft Windows Target Hosts

If your EM13c OMS installed on Unix-based OS, and want to deploy agents to Windows servers, you need to install Cygwin to target windows server to use regular deployment process. You can also use PsExec utility but in this case, you need a Microsoft Windows staging server. Installing Cygwin to enable SSH on Windows may sound like an unnecessarily complex solution at first, but Cygwin is easy to install and it comes with lots of useful utilities. So It’s worth installing. In this blog, I’ll show how to deploy EM agent on Microsoft Windows target. I’ll download and install Cygwin to the target server, enable SSH service and create user for SSH. After these steps, I’ll use Enterprise Manager Add Host page to deploy Enterprise Manager agent to the target Windows server like it’s just another Linux host.

First login to the target Windows server with administrator user and download Cygwin from Depending on your CPU architecture (is there any one still using 32bit?) you need to download setup-x86.exe or setup-x86_64.exe from the installation page. These are very small executables, and they will download the required packages from the internet.


When you run the setup-x86_64.exe, you see the welcome screen. You click NEXT to choose a download source. If your target server has no internet access, you can install packages from a local directory. That means, you can use the packages downloaded by another Cygwin installation on another server. All you need is to use a shared location or copy files from other server which is already Cygwin installed. Click NEXT to continue.


Finding And Deleting Old Files (on Unix and Windows)

I needed to write short scripts to delete old files on a Windows Server. It’s a very easy task on UNIX flavors but the limited capacity of Windows command line made me worried. You can use a simple “find” command to find old files on UNIX. For example, the following command will be enough to find and delete files older than 7 days:

For the ones who are not familiar with the find command, I’ll try to explain its parameters. The parameter “-type f” is not mandatory but it will help you find only “files” (and filter out directories etc). The parameter “exec” lets you run a command for the selected files. The brackets are replaced with the name of the selected file. The plus sign (+) will make the command line is built by appending each selected file name at the end.

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c released for Windows

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c is released for Windows 64bit. You can download it from Oracle web site. Bundle patch 1 is already applied to windows release. New EM12c agents for Windows 32bit and 64bit are also available. You can use self-update to download them but you must have already applied Bundle Patch 1 to your Enterprise Manager:

As you see, although I downloaded the agents, I can’t use them because I’m still waiting for BP1 for Solaris (My EM12c is installed on Solaris) 🙂